Our chicks took and unexpected trip to visit Mr. Zupin!

Mr. Zupin took the chick and eggs to his home on Tuesday when the electricity at school failed. He stated that 17 chicks hatched at his house April 26, which would have been during school hours. He felt bad that the students didn't get to see any of them hatch. "I guess you can't control Mother Nature." he said. There are 33 chicks total now, as they have all hatched. The kindergartners, as well as many former students, are very excited! The chicks are chirping and are a variety of fun colors. Some even have stripes. How fun!

Mr. Zupin returned the 33 baby chicks to school Wednesday morning. It was unfortunate that the power was off and children only saw the first chick hatch. We would like to give a big Thank You to the Onekama PTO for buying the chick starter food for the baby chicks. We appreciate all the PTO has done to move our project along.

Mr. Zupin returned the chicks

to school in a cardboard box.

The chicks settled right into their warm "coop" in the kindergarten room.  Many excited children watched their activities.

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