Green School Award

Kiara, Kyle and Grace made a Power Point Presentation and received this banner

 Green School Award

Green School Award was given to Onekama Schools in recognition of our efforts to be environmentally friendly. Kiara Bromley, Kyle Peterson and Grace Hughes made a power point presentation at the Ludington ISD and received the award which was the banner to display at school and a signed certificate from the governor. Jen Bromley and Sally Catanese took on the Green School initiative for Onekama. Some of the items the sixth grade students demonstrated in their power point that OCS does or has is recycling, green house, light and water saving systems. We also participate in Cartridges for Kids, Portage Lake water study done by high school students, Salmon in the Classroom Project and activities regarding Earth Day.  (below: the Onekama Hoop House, Spring 2011)

Kiara, Kyle, and Grace with Teachers Mrs. Catanese and Mrs. Bromley

Students took these photos of various "green projects" at Onekama School

In the fall elementary students planted bulbs for spring blooming.

Sixth grade students worked on the soil blocks for the green house.

Many posters decorate the walls reminding us all
to reuse and recycle

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