Good Behavior
Ski Day
an adventure
Onekama student.

February  2011

At Crystal Mountain it was fast and hot. They had lots of jumps. It was cool. I went on jumps. The first time on my first one jump I crashed. I had to go to Totem Park. They had Jt's trail. One lift is called Crystal Clipper. I went on February 16. I went with Luke, Taylor and Cody. ~Matthew

I went to Crystal Mountain on February 16, 2011. We went to Crystal Mountain to ski. I got my skies and then I went to Totem Park. I went down the hill at Totem Park four times but I got out of Totem Park fast. I loved going down Main Street and North Face. It was really fun to go to Crystal Mountain this year. ~Aaron

I went to Crystal Mountain on February 16, 2011. We left school at 8:30. I went to Totem Park. Here is some of my favorite trails. Main St. JT's Trail and Giggles Park. My favorite part of the day is when I went down Main St. I like good Behavior Ski Day. ~Justin

I went to Crystal Mountain. It was fun because it was on February 16, 2011. We had fun. I didn't know hot to ski but I got better at it. The lunch was good. I ate all of it I had a good time. ~Taylor Y.

I went to Crystal Mountain on February 16 for good behavior ski day. I needed to go to Todam Park in order to go to the ski lift and ski on the big hills. I passed the test and then I went with Mr. Bradford on Main Street. Mr. Bradford and I went super fast and we thought it was cool. ~Haden

My Trip to Crystal Mountain
by Dalron G.

On Feb. 16, 2011 our school took us to Crystal Mountain! When we got there everyone had to start at Totem Park. (Those are the bunny hills). A lot of people got to advance to the ski lifts. Then we went back to the lodge and had lunch. The school let me advance to the ski lifts. My favorite hill was J.T.'s trail. I want on it a couple times. Then it was time to go. I took my skis and boots back to the rental place, got on the bus and left.

I went with Taylor H., Tamara, Travos, Zack, Kylie. My mom and I went to Totem Park and my mom went down four times. I went to the big hills and my mom didn't go on the big hills because she was too scared and she stayed on the bunny hill. I fell down three times. Do you want to know how to move on to the big hills because I will tell you. 1. Wave to Mrs. Millark. 2. Wait for her to wave back. When she waves back that means she has her eye on you. 3. Show her you can turn and that you can stop and if you do a great job then she will give you a pass to go on the big hills but you cannot go on Black Diamonds. ~Maddie

Crystal Mountain View

Ella heads downhill


I will never forget the day I went to Crystal Mountain.

My class and I went to Crystal Mountain. My Mom, Dad, Sister and Grandpa came too. If you are a beginner or have kids you should go to Totem Park. The best chair lift is the Crystal Clipper. If you see as sign that is a green circle it is easy. a Blue square means that it is medium. a black diamond means that it is hard. My favorite part is skiing down Hoot Owl. I will never forget the day I went to Crystal Mountain.

Emma and Sydnee ski the woods trail

Maddy with high school helper Taylor Hagen


Several NHS volunteers helped on
Good Behavior Ski Day

Jackson and his dad

At Crystal Mountain I skied with my dad. I went on these trails: JT's Trail, Emmy, Main Street, Jason's Trail, Tammy's Turn, Megan's Way, Leo's Legacy, By George, Short Cut and Canyon. The chair lifts I went on were the Crystal Clipper, North Face and one other one. I fell down once. I went on green circle trails and blue squares. My favorite part was when I went down Canyon. My dad only fell down a couple of times. I skied with Justin some of the time. I had so much fun at Crystal Mountain. I can't wait to go again. ~Jackson G.

I went to Crystal Mountain with my mom, but I skied with Emma and her grandpa, mom, Mary and her dad. Emma taught me how to dodge jumps and trees. I went down Emmy, JT's trail, Main St. Giggles, Hoot Owl and many more. My favorite trail was on the North Face. It was called Pipers Pass. Emma and I ate our lunch at the  lodge. It was nice and quiet in there. Emma and I went on all the Chair lifts. We went on Locky, Crystal Clipper and Buck. There is one more on the North Face that I do not know but Emma and I went and I went on it. Emma and I went down Locky 3 times, Buck 3 to 4 times, and Crystal Clipper 10 times! ~Sydnee

Ski Day
by Hanna

I was so excited. I was practically jumping up and down inside and out. It was Feb. 16, 2011 my whole class was going to Crystal Mountain. So of us skiied before and some of us did not know how to. Well I skiied before and I ski a lot. My mom came and she drove there. My class and I rode the bus there. It was a fun bus ride. I sat by my best friend Colleen. Her dad was going too but he got sick. When we got there my class went in the lodge just to get everybody ready to go skiing. When my mom got there me and Colleen got our stuff on and we hit the slopes. My mom took Colleen with us. Ella and her dad skiied with us and we went on a lot of slopes. Ella's dad had to go somewhere so we took Ella for the rest of the day. My mom said if she gets hurt on her watch it's not her fault. But guess what? She hit a tree! Don't ask how she just did. She was ok thankfully. When we got to the bottom of one hill, my friend Dalron and Zach just got off Totem Park. They said they could go up the chair with an adult. So my mom took us all up...all five of use up. We had a real adventure ahead of us. We got them down the hill ok. Then they went with other people. Then we went back on the hills. It was the best good behavior ski day ever. Wait, one more thing, it was my moms birthday. I would tell you how old she is but she would be MAD if I told you. I think it is a women thing. Oh one more thing, when we were going down the hill with Dalron he fell once and he closed his eyes and he said, "Am I in heaven yet?" Then he opened his eyes and said, "I did not know Crystal Mountain was in heaven" Well it was the best day in History.

Sydnee and her mom

Going up the chair lift is great fun

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