On Tuesday February 15th I went skiing. My mom went too! Crystal Mountain is a fun place to go. I fell down but I did it! Thank you PTO. ~Olivia. R.

Tuesday February 15th we went to Good Behavior Ski day and we were there from 8:30 to 1:45. I was skiing with some of my best friends like Aric, Ben. A, and Blake with three chaperones. We went to the lodge at 12:20. Then we went back to skiing. When we went to the back we had a hard time trying to find the way back to the Clipper. Then we finally found the way out. We all had a great time at Crystal Mountain. The best part was when I raced Mrs. Brown down Main Street. Then we went back to the lodge and ate then get back to skiing. Thank you PTO for the trip to Crystal Mountain we all had a great time! ~Trent E.

On Good Behavior Ski Day Mostly went on the clipper and went down Main Street. My chaperon was Dave. I fell off the chair lift getting off. It was a lot of fun. I got out of totum park on my second try. I can't wait till next Ski Day!!!! ~Brendan C

           Yesterday was Good behavior ski day. My Dad came but he skied with my brother. I went on clipper most of the day, but I also went to the Northside, and others. All the hills weren't open. they closed some and we couldn't go on black diamonds. The weather was nice, but it was windy at some points. I had lots of fun! ~Faith C.


We had good behavior Ski day it was a blast. I go skiing every Thursday so I know how to ski. Me, Emilee, Faith and Zoe went skiing together. I fell once and my ski came off but then i got up popped it back in and went down the hill and my ski came off so I fell. I had a fun time at good behavior ski day. ~McKenzie B.


Good behavior ski day was very fun. I skiied with Trent, Rylan, Ben A., Blake, Aric, and Mason.  My favorite slope was Rotary Run. Another fun track was Little Vincent. I wiped out once. I had a great time skiing with my friends.  ~Benjamin J.

This good behavior ski day was very fun. It started as a very cold day and then it got warm out. I went skiing with Ben A., Ben J.,  Rylan,  Aric, and I. We pretty much did every hill except for Black Diamonds. We went on hoot owl, main street and a bunch of other ones I can't name. We went on millions of hills and had a lot of fun and that was my day at Crystal Mountain. ~Blake S.


Good Behavior Ski Day was very fun. I got to go with my Dad! He has skis that are taller than him! I had to rent skis because I grew out of my stuff. I only had to go down totem park one time! I even went on the North face! ~Jarret B.

On Tuesday February,15 are class went to Crystal Mountain to go skiing. My partner was Mckenna. Mckenna went on the ski lifts while I watched her. Then I went to the gift shop and bought a Snow Leopard.  Me, Sylvia, Mckenna and some other friends went to go eat our lunch at the lodge. When I went to go skiing I helped some of the little kids. Thank you PTO for the trip to Crystal Mountain. ~Samantha B.


Yesterday my class went to Crystal Mountain. I went with my mom and Ashlee! I snowboarded and mom and Ashlee skied. We went on mane street and I fell. It really hurt, but itís ok. I had a great time. Then we went and had lunch. It was really good!  I had a lunchable, a pop, sum candy and sum fries. I had a really good time at Crystal Mountain! Thank  you PTO! ~Chloe W.


On Thursday February 15 my class went to Crystal Mountain for Good Behavior ski day i went with my dad. his name is Ryan C. He did not ski so i went with my best friend Katie, And her Mom . Then I went with my other Best Friend her name is Chole , and Her Mom. I had so much fun on Good Behavior Ski Day . I wish our class could go again . I fell a lot . This was my frist time ever skiing . Thank you PTO for the Trip to Crystal Mountain . Ashlee C.


    Skiing was awesome! Triston and I went skiing. Well I went snowboarding and Triston went skiing. We went up on the Clipper slope. After 5 runs down the hills we went inside the lodge to eat. After that we went down 4 more times then we packed up and went back on the bus. I hope we can go back to Crystal Mountain ~Nicholas F.


I went to Crystal Mountain with my class. It was my first time skiing. We had to stay in the lodge for a while. Kyle and I were partners skiing. It was funny when I bumped into Kyle getting off the clipper. I liked the trip. thank you for the trip PTO. ~Gauge W.

We went to Crystal Mountain on February 15th. I skied with Faith, McKenzie, Zoe, James, Jacob, and Jeremiah. This year we didn't get to go with the other 5th grade class. We skied a lot. We went on Buck, the Clipper, and Lokey. I had a lot of fun. I wish we could go again. ~Emilee M.

     I had a of lot at good behavior ski day. I only had a fleece on most of the time. I fell on my butt a lot. I had a lot of fun, ~Benjamin A.


On the 15th we went skiing. I skied with my best friends. My favorite trails were gigles and little vincent. Colin fell and had been hurt. I think ski day is the best. Thank you PTO for the great trip! ~Morle H

     On good Behavior ski day at Crystal Mountain we went skiing for the whole school day. We had to go to Todum Park to get our ski pass. We went to Loky first then we skied down a blue to the Cipper. On the way up on the clipper I told Morly the highest point on the chair lift is about 40 feet down. We skied by the Clipper for a little while longer then we went to Buck. When 2/4th grad went back to school Aric and I went to his house for a while then I went home. THANK YOU PTO!!! ~Colin V.


Everyone was in the classroom when the bell rang at eight o'clock. The teacher went over instructions then all of us got all of are stuff. Then all of us had to get are ski tags. then we all got on the bus. We went on some hill and bumps then got to the lodge. Then we got are ski boots and skis on then we went to Totem Park. I fell three times then I passed. then I  went on Emmy hill. I went on three times. then it was time to go. ~Kyle C.

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