Buddy Reading
Beach Party

at the
Onekama Park
I went to buddy reading beach party and played football and played and on the swings and played kick ball and more. We also ate at EZ Mart. I had fun on Friday and the high schoolers played football with us.
~Mason M., grade 4

This beach party was so much fun! Lunch was at the cook out at E Z Mart and the hot dogs and chips were ok, but the pop and slushies were like Paradise. The hole place was better Paradise. When we got to the beach Mckenna, Katilyn S., and I played wolves. I want that day to come again. I've run out of thing to say so.....bye. ~Jodi H., grade 4
We went to the beach on May 27, 2011. We went to EZ Mart for lunch. We had hot dogs, drinks, and chips. After that we went to the beach. When we went to the beach we played keep away, played with the little kids, and then we played a game wear we had to throw a ball over a roof. After that we went back to the school. ~Ben A., grade 4  At the "buddy reading beach party" I played hide 'n' seek with Jarrett, Colin, and Trent. Colin had a lot of really mediocre hiding spots... I'm not saying that to be mean it's just that he has weird hiding spots like behind a trash can, or sometimes in plain sight. ~Nolan V., grade 4
At the buddy reading beach party I played hide and go seek with my friends, Colin and Nolan. Colin was found the most, but me and Nolan were pretty good at it.... I mean Colin is good but he has strange hiding spots. I had a hiding spot that lasted for almost the whole game. It was a fun time. ~Jarrett B., grade 4

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Fifth Graders Enjoy the Party

Photos were taken May 27, 2011.
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