Onekama's Third Graders at the Arcadia Museum

The 3rd graders went to Arcadia Museum. We went on Friday Sept 18th. Harriet Quimby was the first girl to get her flying license. The school supplies were old. The barber tools were very weird and cool. We got free books. We saw cool arrowheads. ~Ben A.

All the 3rd graders went to the Arcadia Historical Museum. I saw war stuff. I saw a missal. They had cool stuff there. They had a cool up stairs. They had a shed out back. They had a typewriter. ~Colin

The 3rd graders went to the Arcadia Museum. There was old barber stuff. There was old school stuff too. There was an old cash register. You can buy a book for 50 cents. The museum was moved by truck.  It was fun. ~Morley

All the 3rd graders went to the museum. We learned about old fashion days. We learned about Harriet Quimby. We learned about how they traveled back then. It was a 3 story building. It was an old building. It was a fun field trip. ~Chloe

The 3rd graders went to the historical museum. The museum had the 2 ships that wrecked a long time ago. They were the Arcadia Ship and the Minnehaha. The volunteers there were so nice. They told us all about different kinds of things like arrowheads, Harriet Quimby and other things. I enjoyed the museum because it had so much old fashioned things.  The back of the museum had the animals but they were dead. The museum was cool. At the end we went and ate lunch. ~Gavin

We went to the Arcadia Historical Museum. We saw how people lived a long time ago. We saw how they made stuff a long time ago We saw old fashioned guns. We saw an old fashioned desk. We saw how people wash dishes. A girl was showing us around the museum. We had fun at the museum. ~Aric

Harriet Quimby died in the water. She wasn't buckled in the plane. She was very famous. They sold stamps in a lot of colors too. She was the first woman to get a pilits license. There was a statue of Harriet Quimby. She was born in Manistee County. We were at the Arcadia Museum. ~Sara M.

The museum was the best stop. I saw old army stuff like army hats and suits. I also saw Harriet Quimby's airplane model. It was great to see all that. They had free books. ~Jarrett

The 3rd graders went to the Museum on Friday, September 18th. We saw a lot of old stuff. For example we saw old furniture. We saw a picture of Abraham Lincoln. The people that ran the museum were nice. There was an old axe. There was a hospital kit. There were free books. The museum was in Arcadia. ~Rylan

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