The Salvation Army

On December 11 2009 some of Mrs. Brownís class and some of my class went to the Salvation Army. It was so cool. Also it looked like a factory. We had to do about 4 jobs. One of them were boxing, we had to do 626 boxes! The next one is putting the food in the boxes. It takes some time to do it. Now the next is refilling the food on the tables, I didnít do that for a very long time. The last job is taking the boxes to the back room. For lunch we had pizza and juice. It was sweet! I had a great time! ~Emily 

The Salvation Army

On the 11 of December 2009 some of the 4th grade class went to the Salvation Army. It was hard work! I mostly made boxes but I packed the boxes too. It feels good to help. I hope the people that get the food boxes enjoy them! Iím glad I could help!  ~Hobi

Salvation Army

 On December 11,2009 some kids in 4th grade went to salvation army.   The people that went are Emilee M, Elizabeth, Emily B, Faith, Sophie, Hobi, Carlee, and more. We had to fill 625 boxes but we did not do that. For lunch we had little ceazers. ~Jaylen

Salvation Army Helpers

At the Salvation Army we had to get boxes and fill them up with food. After that we had to take them in the back room until it had 625 but we only had 565 boxes. We ate pizza and drank some juice. There were 14 people there. It was very fun there. ~Caleb

Salvation Army

On the 11th of  December me and some of my class went to the salvation army. We were suppose to fill 625 boxes with food! Unfortunately we only did 565 boxes, still thatís allot. Eventually we got hungry and they got pizza for us. We had Little Ceasars pizza. It was really good! After that we did more boxing. We left at 2:00 back to school. When we got back we watched T.V. Then we went home. ~Jeremiah

The Salvation Army

On Friday December 11th we went to the Salvation Army. We made boxes, we filled those boxes with food, and we stacked the boxes. We filled 565 boxes with food. We were supposed to fill 625 boxes but we didnít do it but oh well! The people that went to the Salvation Army was  Elizabeth, Faith, Carlee, Jeremiah, Sophie, Caleb, Dylan, Emily B., Hobi, Jared, Alan, and Jaylen, Ian and I. Fourteen people went to the Salvation Army. After we were done with everything we went to the big Christmas tree to take our picture.  ~Emilee

by Carlee

 On December 11th a few kids from my class went to the Salvation Army.  We had to fill up baskets for people in need. We had to fill 625 baskets in a few hours! First I had to make boxes for the food. Next I helped fill boxes with food. Then when you got them filled you would carry them to the back and stack them. Then it was time to eat we had pizza and juice. Then one of the ladies said Hobi and I could pass out the Oreo cookies.

I had so much fun. Then we were done for the day and we got 563 boxes filled. Next we walked to the big Christmas tree in Manistee Michigan and took a picture with it and got on the bus and took off. I had so much fun there!!

Our Visit to the Salvation Army

On Friday the 11th of December we went to the Salvation Army. We had to pack up 625 boxes of food. We only got to pack up 565 boxes of food. 14 people went to the Salvation Army. After we were done we walked to the big tree!!! When we got to the big tree I stepped in a big snow bank. My leg slid in and I pulled it out. It was all full of snow and the bus was not heated!!!!!!!!! I was cold until we got to school. We were only at school for 12 minites then we had to go. ~Elizabeth

The Salvation Army

14 kids went to the Salvation Army. We had to pack some boxes with food. We had to pick up the boxes and put them in the back room. We packed 565 boxes and had to pack 625 boxes. We ate little ceasars pizza dank juice. ~Dylan

Some people in the forth grade went to Salvation Army. She drew sticks to choose the people who were going. When we got there we were told the directions. I made boxes first. It was hard the first couple then it was really easy. I also helped Sophie behind the table filling the places that food was running out. Later I filled boxes. We had to get 625 but we only got 565.It was a lot of fun that day. ~Faith

On December 11, I went to Salvation Army .I sat with Emilee on the way. When we got  there one of the people who worked there told us that we were going to pack 625 boxes with food! But we only packed 565 boxes. I was working at the packing station the most. We ate pizza and took a break. It was a lot of work but it was fun! ~Sophie

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