Onekama to receive Michigan Nutrition
School Garden Mini-Grant

MSU Grant

By Kiara Bromley and Kelly Hall

     On February 26, 2010, Mrs. Bromley, Mrs. Manke, Mr. Peabody, Mrs. Exo, Mrs. Brown, and the two of us, went to MSU for a school garden grant team meeting.  It was really fun and awesome!  The first thing we did was sign in and get a name tag.  Then we went into the auditorium to find out what we were going to do.  After that, everyone had a different place to go.  We went to tour the different greenhouses.  Our favorite greenhouse was the 4-H Childrenís Garden.  We loved the pond and all of the pretty flowers inside.  We learned how to draw with plants, and we planted plants and colored flower pots.  We also made gardening posters.   Then we had a delicious lunch and went back to the auditorium to watch some video clips.  After that, we went to a computer lab and went on KidsCom.  KidsCom is a website that teaches you about gardening.  Next, we showed the adults what KidsCom is and what you do.  We were really nervous at first, because there were lots of people in the room, but after awhile, we got used to it.  When the day was over, we left to go home.  It was snowing and blowing and it took us five hours to get back to Onekama.  Also, on our way back, we stopped at Olive Garden for dinner in Muskegon.  We canít wait to go back to MSU in the spring!

Back row: Kiara,  Kelly,  Mrs Bromley
Front Row: Mr. Peabody,  Mrs. Exo, Mrs. Manke

Examining the labels on the MSU plants

Mrs. Bromley's Note: February 26th, a group of us went down to MSU as part of a School Garden Training Session.  Our school was one of 20 schools selected to receive the Michigan Nutrition School Garden Mini-Grant, sponsored by the Michigan Department of Education.  Kelly Hall and Kiara Bromley were chosen to be our schoolís student representatives and attended the training at MSU with the rest of the group. 

Beginning of the Onekama
 School Greenhouse Nov. 2009

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