Fifth Graders At the Golden Rule Farm

Going to the golden rule farm was so much fun. He said that if we were patient until the end that we would be able to pet his baby goat. We looked at tomatoes, carrots, beans, wild spinach, and onions. He told us about mutation. He also told us how you can observe things and just do it with out learning. After that we got to go look at the ducks. we were so patient we got to pet the baby goat. Mrs. Bromley got to hold the baby goat. It was so cute. Then we went back to school. It was so much fun.  ~Brooke

Yesterday our class went to an organic farm. I got to hold a cute baby goat named clove. she was brown, white, and black. I had a fun time learning about veggies and animals at Craigs.  ~Taler

Mr. Schaaf  I like your farm vary much. I like the animals. The tomatoes were so big. I will take what I have learned and put it in my one garden. I love the baby goat. So thank you. ~Makayla

On May 25th we went to Craig Schaaf's greenhouse farm. It was really interesting. He showed us his tomato plants and his vegetable beds. Also he said one of his greenhouses got up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. He also showed us a baby goat named Clove. She was only three days old. Visiting his farm was really fun. ~Kelly 

    On Tuesday May 25, 2010 my class and I went to Craig  Schaaf's  Golden Rule Farm. It is so cool. When we went there it was really hot outside. We got to see onions, shallots, carrots, parsley, all different kinds of tomatoes, and corn. We got to see a baby goat her name might be Clove, she is so cute. We also saw a cat named, Pocket, she is cute too. I had so much fun at Craig Schaaf's farm. ~Lauryn 

On May 25, 2010, the 5th grade went to the Golden Rule Farm. We saw tomatoes, shallots, garlic, parsley, corn, onions, and more. We also got to see a baby goat and some ducks. The baby goat was soooo cute! Her name was Clove. I had a lot of fun at the farm. ~Kiara 

On 5/25/2010 the 5th grade class went to Mr. Schaaf's farm. At the farm Mr. Schaaf told about plants and a good way to plant them. We learned a lot about plants. He has a lot of green houses .Going to his farm was a lot of fun. ~Jacob

The farm was so fun. He taught me a lot of things about plants. He let us pet his baby goat. The goat was so cute. We saw one cat. The farm was great. ~McKayla

On 5-25-10 our class went to the golden rule farm. When we first got there we got off the bus and he introduced himself. He then showed us his tomato plants. The plants got way bigger than they were before. There were actually tomatoes on them. Then he showed us some more of his tomatoes. Then he showed us his herbs and spices. After we looked at all the vegetables and herbs and spices we went and looked at the ducks and the baby goat. The golden rule farm was fun! ~Robert

 Mr. Schaaf's farm was awesome. He taught us about temps that the plants best grow in. He also had some cool animals. Mr. Schaaf had ducks, goats,and cats that we know of. He had a sweet and awesome garden. ~April 

 On Tuesday May 25th we went to Craig Shaaf's farm. It is called the Golden Rule Farm. We got to see a baby goat. I also saw a little cat. I got to pet some older goats too. We saw lots of vegetable plants. We also saw some ducks. I had fun at the farm. ~Tighe

On May 25, 2010 the Onekama 5th grade went on a field trip to the Golden Rule Farm. We went there earlier this year as well. Both times we went to learn about gardening and farming. We also got to see a baby goat and a cat. Going to the Golden Rule Farm this year was really fun. ~Austin

Yesterday on 5-25-10 we went to the Golden Rule Farm. We got to see a baby goat and a cat named Pocket.  I learned about plants,  and helps me to know what to do. I love the farm so much that I could keep it. They might name the baby goat Clover. She was only three days old when I saw her. I would like to go back to the farm sometime so I can see how he is coming along. The Golden Rule Farm is so so so so so cool. ~Kassie

         On 5-25-10 we, the fifth grade, went to Craig Schaffs Golden Rule Farm. It was really hot! He taught us about a lot of vegetables. He also taught us about mutations in vegetables. Soon he brought over a baby goat. Every one started to pet it. Then we saw some adult goats. One of them tried to bite my hand. Then we had to leave. I had a lot of fun there! ~Jarrod

On May 25, 2010 the fifth grade class visited Craig Schaaf's farm for the second time. We went there the second time to see the plant growth. It was really hot in the greenhouses. He said that it was 113 degrees in the big greenhouse! Also we got to see a three day old goat. I really liked visiting his farm.  ~Kyle

On Tuesday May 25, 2010 we went to a green house. The name of the green house was the Golden Rule Farm. It was really hot. In one of the green house it was 113 degrees. We got to look at how big the plants are getting. We also got to see a very cute goat.  I had a lot of fun. ~Michele

On may 26 2010 the 5th want the golden rule farm it was a lot of fun. ~Matthew

     On Tuesday May 26, 2010 we went to the Golden Rule Farm. The people who own the farm are the Schaaf's. They grow spices and vegetables. Also they have greenhouses. One greenhouse is 113  degrees.  That was a great day. ~Grace 

Yesterday we went to the Golden Rule Farm. There was a lot of stuff there. there were animals like goats and ducks and also cows. There were plants too. There were tomatoes and shallots and also onions.  I had fun there. ~Kassidy

On May 26, 10 the fifth grade went back to the golden rule farm. Me and Matt found a potato and we made a deal that when the potato gets grown up I get it. When we were there we got to pet a goat.  ~Mark

The farm was so fun. The goats are cute. He taught me a lot of things ~Ashley


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