Girls on the Run
Bear Lake's Cross Country Track
May 2010

            On May 22, 2010 we had a 5k race (3.1 miles) for Girls on the Run. I ran with my friend Kelly. We ran on a Bear Lake cross country track. The race was very tiring. Kelly and I finished with a good race time, but we can't remember what our time was. Before the race we stretched out, it felt good. After we finished the race we got an apple, a yogurt, a medal, a ribbon, and a bottle of water. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed Girls on the Run.  ~Lauryn

Alyssan and Mrs. Acton were the first to finish from Onekama!!  Yuki Babinec from Bear Lake finished what we think was 3rd, Alyssan and Mrs. Acton finished 4th and 5th place out of 92 girls I believe!!  WOO HOO!!

Alyssan and Mrs. Acton finished the 5k in 29 minutes. 
 ~ Allisa Clarke

This year I was in girls on the run. On every Monday and Wednesday we would practice. When it was finally time to race my mom went with me to run. She was beating me by a lot. Miss. Acton also got our team bandanas, shirts and water bottles. At the finish line my mom told me to race her. So I did it was so fun. I had a great time at Girls On the Run. ~Taler

Girls on the run was awesome. I did not go to the race because I was not able to. Our coaches were Mrs. Acton and Mrs. Hagen. For some of are practices we ran to the fountain and back which is 3.1 miles. For the practices I ran with Kassie. Girls on the run is awesome!

This year my school did girls on the run. I was in girls on the run. We worked very hard to run the 5k. 5k stands for 3.1 miles. At first we had 2 mile and 3 mile groups. After we did the groups we started to go on the real run. If you go out to the fountain and back to the school it is 3.1 miles. I can run half of it. After we trained for a long time we did the real real run. All the schools got together and we ran the 5k. It was very very long. I went as fast as I could to get past the finish line. When I got close the other girl from my team ran with me. I would like to thank our coaches for helping me run the 5k. Girls on the run is so much fun. ~Kassie
On May 22, 2010, some of the girls in our class ran a 5k (3.1 miles) race for Girls on the Run. I ran with Grace and Kassidy. We had to run on the cross country trail in Bear Lake. It took us 32.10 minutes to run the race. We all crossed the finish line at the same time. We got ribbons and medals for finishing the race. I had a lot of fun at the race. ~Kiara

The Girls on the Run program is open to girls in grades 3-6.

Gina Hagen and Leslie Acton are the coaches for Onekama's girls.

There was a race for girls on the run. there was probably 60 girls there. It was in bear lake. The race was 3 miles. It was hard. It was also easy. I had a lot of fun. ~Kassidy
Girls on the run was so fun. We practiced on Monday and Wednesday. We had a lot of fun because we ran and played games. We had to run a race at the end. ~McKayla
    On May 22nd, 2010 the Girls on the Run had a race. One of our coaches was at the race. She gave all the girls a green and pink bandana. First were had to warm up. Then all the girls lined up. Then a lady said, "READY SET GO." I ran with Kiara and Kassidy. Right before the finish we all spirited. We came in about 10th or 12th. Everyone who ran got a medal. It was a awesome race. ~Grace

On May 22, 2010 I ran a 5k race. It was really hard, but we've had already trained for it for ten weeks. I ran with Lauryn. Then we caught up to Kiara, Grace and Kassidy. Lauryn and I finished in 32 minutes. When we crossed the finish line we got a medal. Also after I finished my mom was so proud of me. My brother Eddie, my sister Kristen, my mom, and dad went. My sister brought my one year old niece Kamryn along too. Then I got a medal. It has a picture of girls running and then on the back it says Girls on the Run 2010. Running the 5k race was a great experience. ~Kelly leads to all pages since 1997