Good Behavior
Ski Day 2010

Good Behavior Ski Day was fun.  We got to go with a friend. First we went to Totem Park. When I was skiing I lost a ski and fell. I had a lot of fun. ~J. M.

On Wednesday February 10 2010 my class went skiing. When we got there we had to wait in the lodge it too about a half hour. Then we went to get are boots and skies. At fist we had to go to Tottom Park. The first time I went down I past but I went another time to practis my stopping. Then I went to bigger hills I had a blast. ~Ethan

        On February 10 2010 my class went skiing. I was partners with Allison, Hobi. Allison and I went on the clipper itís the one with the bar. Thereís this one trail in the back we didnít know where we were. So we went on another chairlift and found our way out. At about 10:00 we had lunch because at real lunch time its packed. After we ate lunch we skied some more. Then it was time to go and ever one left. It was so fun! ~Carlee 

At Crystal Mountain we went skiing for Good Behavior Ski Day. I went skiing with Ashton, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Zajac. We all went on greens and blues together. When ever Ashton or me fall the one how didnít fall helps them up. If Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Zajac want to go inside then Ashton and I would stay outside and ski. ~Katelynn

Yesterday my class and I went to good behavior ski day. I was in a group with Faith and her dad. The first thing we did was get our skis and ski boots. Then we went on J.T.ís trail. After that we went back inside and got hot chocolate. ~J.B.

        On good behavior ski day the 3rd 4th and 5th grade classes went skiing. I went down Main Street a lot! I fell at least three times. My partners were Carlee and Allison. It was a fun day! ~Hobi

On Wed.10 my class went to Crystal Mountain. My skiing partner was Emilee. We went skiing a couple hills with my Dad but some of them we went on alone. One of the hills had a ledge where skiers jumped off. I fell on the ledge, hit my head and it hurt very badly. I tried getting my skies. ~S.S.

I had a lot of fun at behavior ski day I went with my mom and my friend Ethan we went on green and blue trails.  I also went with another friend Dylan. An awesome part was when Ethan hit well hit the side he flew in the air and landed it. I had to stay on totem park until I got my pass to go on bigger hills. I want to go back  to crystal some time. ~Jared

On 2-10-10 my class and I went to Crystal Montion and we went skiing. I went skiing with Carlee and Hobi for some of the time. We had a lot of fun! Carlee, Hobi and I went down a ski hill and hobi was going to close to the trees and she hit it and her skis fell of and her poles flue out of her hands and so did her hat. I hade a lot of fun. On the way back Emilee and Sophie were listing to music and Sophie fell asleep and when the bus hit a bump Sophie woke up. I had so much fun.  ~Allison leads to all pages since 1997