A Distance Learning Trip to
MSU's Museum

Today’s program went VERY well. The students learned about animal adaptation from presenter Shannon at MSU. I was so proud of our 2nd and 3rd graders – all 67 of them were there and very well behaved as well as showing their brilliance. 
~Mr. Peabody

We went to the distance learning room to talk to MSU. We talked to a lady named Shanin. We got to see a peacock. The peacock had a lot of feathers. The feathers scare off predators. We got to see a turtle.The turtle has a shell. The turtle’s shell protects it from predators. I liked the MSU Virtual Tour because I got to see animals. ~Chloe, grade 3

On the virtual tour this lady showed us how animals adapt to their surroundings. She was in Lansing. Her name was Channon. She showed us really cool animals. There are the animals: Cricket – The teachers passed out the crickets and we got to look at them in a bag. They were dead.  Peacock feather – There were a couple of feathers we had to pass it around. Turtle – she showed us the shell and told us how it used his shell for protection. Starfish shell- She showed us the shell. She told us it was for protection. Wolf skull – She showed us the big teeth on the wolf so it can protect itself. Black bear hide – On the TV screen she showed us how it could keep the bear warm. I liked it because she showed us the cool animals. We got to learn more.
~Katie, grade 3

 We went to the distance learning room. We observed crickets.  I liked it because we looked at animals and I love animals.  We saw a poison dart frog.  The poison soaks through its skin. A peacocks feathers protects it because it looks like a lot of animals eyes to scare its predators away.
~Ben A, grade 3

At our field trip we learned if there are lite colors on animals they are poisonous. We had to draw a cricit. We learned lots of stuff. When an animal dies you can find there bones. ~Cody, grade 2

My class went to a room with animals. The TV’s in there were cool. This girl named Shannon showed us all sorts of stuff. The girl told us that black bears fur was meant to keep the bears warm. Then the giraffe’s skin was meant to protect the giraffe from other animals. I liked the tour because they showed us different kinds of animals. Here is a list of animals they showed me. Giraffes, black bear skins and crickets. ~Gavin, grade 3

My two favorite animals were the black bear and the wolf. The wolves sharp teeth are for protecting itself. Wolves travel in packs. Bears hibernate. That means they sleep all winter. I think bears and wolves are scary. ~Nolan

We all went to the Distance Learning room yesterday.  We learned how animals adapt to their environment. We all saw a turtle shell.  We learned that turtles have a shell because it protects itself with it.  We saw a hide of a black bear. We saw a wolf skull and a wolf has teeth because it protects itself.  We drew a picture of a cricket.  We drew crickets because we got to show where you want it to live.  I liked it because we saw a lot of animals. We saw a turtle, a cricket, and a wolf skull, a peacock feather and a black bear hide.
~Rylan, grade 3

          We saw a lot of stuff. We saw zebras. We saw crickets. We saw chicken eggs. We saw a lot of more stuff. It was fun because we saw a lot of stuff. –Ella, grade 2

The Virtual Tour – I went to the Distance Learning Room on a virtual tour.  MSU taught us about animal adaptation. Zebras don’t camouflage with its environment but they do with other zebras. It’s confusing which one is which. Ostriches have long legs to run away from predators. I think the program was good. It was good because I learned about a lot of animals. I also liked it because we got to draw our crickets in a place with an adaptation to help them survive. ~Ben J. grade 3

          At our adaptations field trip we drew crickets. My cricket lived underwater. It had gills My cricket had a shell to keep it safe from sharks. –Jackson, grade 2

          Our field trip was really cool. We observed a cricket that was really cool. We learned about different animals that were really cool. We drew a cricket. –Lucas, grade 2

Next we will again be participating in the Christmas Tree Ship distance learning program through the Milwaukee Public Museum.  We will be “traveling” on Thursday, December 17, 2009 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  The first graders have been doing this for a number of years – Thanks, Mrs. Hagen, for finding the money.  ~Mr. Peabody

 We went to a virtual classroom. It had fake animals. A bear’s fur. A whole squirrel’s body. We learned crickets rub their wings together. –Colleen, grade 2

My favorite part about the field trip is learning about adaptations. I learned that a bear has a lot of fur. I had learned that a zebru blends in with other zebrus. I learned that a stick bug looks like a stick and it blends in. I drew a criket. –Sydnee, grade 2

          At our field trip we drew crickets. At our field trip we saw lots of bugs. We drew a cricket. We had a napkin. ~Matthew, grade 2

On Thursday December 3rd we had a virtual tour by MSU. We got to feel a peacock feather. The peacock feather felt really cool. We got to see crickets. We got to draw our own cricket. We got to see a poison dart frog and a lot more animals. The virtual class was fun because we got to see a lot of animals. ~Brendan, grade 3

          We learned about adaptations. A spotted frog’s spots are there because it has poison. The cricit’s adaptation is its legs. The skunk’s adaptation is its smell. –Alli, grade 2  

          My favorite part was seeing all the animals. I like the zebru. I like the stick bug. I like the ostrich. I like the poison frog. -Chloe, grade 2

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