Mrs. Catanese's 3rd Grade

Enjoyed Ski Day at Crystal Mountain

I went on Emmy, Main Street, Huggy Bear, NII. I know I went on more that that, I just can't remember their names. I went skiing with Emily B. Hobi and Mr. Beeman. Well, at least those are the ones I stuck with. At first I had Mrs. Domres, Then I had Mrs. Showalter and then I had Mr. Beeman. Good Behavior ski day the PTO pays. Mrs. Milarch sets up everything. There is a chair lift called Crystal Clipper. I went on a chair lift with Hobi and we got up at the top of the hill and Hobi accidentally hit my ski with her ski and made me fall down and I couldn't get back up so I had to take both of my skis off and walked up then hill so when I put my skis on I wouldn't slide back down. ~Emilee

We went to Good behavior Ski Day. You get to go skiing if you don't get sent to the principal more than three times. I hit a metal pole and bounced back two feet and my ski went in the air and I fell and my ski came down and hit me in the arm. Then I was crying. I think my arm is sprained.

My chaperone was Charity Domres. She is a pretty good skier. In my group we had Hope, Me, Zoe, Maggie and Elizabeth. We had first, second and third graders. It was so much fun


Yesterday my class went to Crystal Mountain. I went on the chair lift with Mrs. Hagen. Mrs. Hagen was snowboarding and I was skiing. Carlee and I went skiing with Mr. Hopwood and Carlee and I went on a 3 min run. After we went on Cheers and it was really steep. Then Carlee and I went inside for lunch. At the end Mrs. Hagen and I went on the Crystal Clipper. We went on Main Street. ~Sydnee

On Feb. 10, my class went to Crystal Mountain for good Behavior ski day. My favorite part was going down Main. We went on 2 different kinds of chair lifts. I had lots of fun! I went with most of my friends. Some of us went on blue.

Crystal Mountain is good because you get to go skiing because Mrs. Milarch is good to everyone. It's her job. I went on a big hill called Main Street. It was fun because the people at Crystal Mountain were nice to us. They let us go on chair lifts. The PTO paid to get our skis. I was with Mr. M. ~Ashton

The first thing me and Jereimah did was to go to the Bunny Hill. Then we went to Loki Lift. We went down Huggy Bear. One time me, James, Jereimah raced Ashton, Katelynn, and Hobi. We won because we did Migit still! WE couldn't go down on Black Diamonds. Then we had fun. That's what we did all the time when we went down hill. ~Jacob

When we went to Crystal Mountain James, Jacob and I went on hills like Cut Off, Short Cut, Huggie Bear and Main Street. It was so hot we only wore our sweat shirts! Jaylen tried to go on the chair lift, but the lift hit her and she flew in a puddle of water! She was soaked when she got up. When we went in to eat I ate everything except for my goldfish. When we got back on the trail we did like 10 more trails. Thanks to Mrs. Milarch we got to go to Crystal Mountain. ~Jeremiah

When we went skiing we had to go to Totem Park it was ok. But I wanted to go on the big hills. The big hills are cool! There are different kinds too like the Huggie Bear. My favorite is Main Street. On the chair lift we saw different people. Some we did not know and some we did. The black diamond one and my favorite the clipper. One time when Emilee and I were on the Mountain we went to the other side. We had to go on a chair lift just to get back. I had a good time. ~Emily B.

I went with my class to go skiing. I went down a steep hill called Main Street and the best part was that there was a jump at the bottom of the hill. Then I jumped the ramp and I flew 10 feet in the air and I landed it. ~Ethan

It was fun at Crystal Mountain because we got to ski and I went down green and blue mountains. I don't go down black diamonds because they are really hard. Buck Chair lift is really scary because if the chair lift stops you might fall off. The chair lifts I usually go on is Buck, Clipper and Loki. I went with Elizabeth and Mckenzie. The PTO pays for our trip. ~Zoe

We went to Good Behavior Ski Day on Tuesday the 10th. The reason why we got to go to Good Behavior Ski Day is because we behaved in Class. I went down these hills: Huggie, Bear Hollow, Cheers, Main Street, Short cut, and Canyon. The chair lifts we went on were Buck, Clipper, and Loki. We went on many different hills on Tuesday. Thank you for setting up the trip. ~Elizabeth

Me and Caleb went down a green circle and a blue square. Me and my dad got to buy a lunch. We were getting on Main Street. It is a blue square or a green Circle. When we were on the chair lift my dad said that Kris was going so fast he fell on his face on a blue square. ~Nick

I skied with Emily Beeman and my brother Johnny. I am so happy I went. I said thank you to Mrs. Milarch. I got my pass at the end of the day. I had so much fun. Thank you PTO. ~Sylvia

I got to partner with Jacob and Jeremiah. It was fun. We would always race down main street in the miget style. But the snow would always fly into our shirts. Then when we would get to the bottom of the hill our butts would be wet. I was really tired when we left. ~James

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