5th Grade Quiz Bowl


Demeuse's Dominators
took 1st Place


Tristen , Jakob, Fallon, and Katie

Coach: Mr. Demeuse

The Insane Brains
of Onekama
took 2nd place


Back: Braden and Caleb
Front: Logan, Alyssan, Kim and Keegan
Coach: Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown's Index Page
 for 2008-2009

The Buzzer Beaters
of Kennedy
took 3rd


Mackenzie,  Zac, 
Will,  Brandon
Coach Mrs. Pierson

Onekama BrainBusters: From left: Spencer, Brandin, Hunter E., Kyler, Cynthia.  In front, Randy. Mr. Neph's Homepage

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This year I made the 5th grade quiz bowl team. Quiz bowl is where you compete against other schools by answering questions by hitting the buzzer before the other team does.  We are going to have t-shirts. They are going to be lime green tie-dye. My team is Braden, Alyssan, Kim, Keegan, and me. Quiz bowl is really fun because itís competitive and itís a lot of fun meeting other people from the other schools. I am really excited to be on the team this year. We havenít made up with a name yet but we will. Being on the quiz bowl team is really cool. ~Logan

This year Iím on the Quiz Bowl team. Quiz Bowl is really fun. We are getting t-shirts for our team. We still have to figure out a name. My teammateís mom is organizing the t-shirts. They are going to be lime green tie-die. They will have our names on the back of our t-shirts or jerseys. My teammates are Braden, Logan, Keegan, Alyssan, Kim, and me. Our team is awesome. Quiz Bowl rules! ~Caleb

          Next Tuesday we are having a quiz bowl tournament. Iím the machinist for the team. I was really scared at first because I thought I wasnít going to be good. Then there was a back up machinist but she became the score keeper for the team. She is kind of good has being a score keeper. We beat Mrs. Brownís team by a land slide. They were pretty good but we beat them. We shook hands and there was no fight. Then Mr. Neph asked me to try the score for once I did okay but I messed up a little bit. Then he asked me to do it again but I did a lot better this time but he said I would be a great machinist.  I love that Iím going to be machinist but what until I see all the people staring at me and the team. Its great to be the machinist. 

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Quiz Bowl Rules for Grades 5 & 6

6th Grade Competition

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