“That means instead of just having the power company distribute the generation through a coal-fired power plant... you all are going to have the power to do that,” Governor Granholm said, addressing the crowd during the ceremony. “This is truly power to the people, by the people, for the people. You can’t get more powerful than that.  “This issue — of us in Michigan being able to help lead the nation to energy independence — especially for individuals to generate energy in their backyard, and to be able to use that energy that they generate. And if they generate more than they use, to be able to sell it back to the electric grid and have that be part of the nation’s way to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, on coal. This is a huge breakthrough.”

Windspiration and Celebration

Onekama 3rd and 5th graders were among the 500 guests present to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Windspire Production Line. MasTech and Mariah Power presented this celebrations today. The highlight of the party was seeing Governor Jennifer Granholm speak.  Her enthusiasm shone through as she directed most of her speech to the students and the bright future that lies ahead.

We went to the Windspiration celebration on April 20. I got to see Governor Granholm. She winked at me! I got to see one of the first Windspiration things. I had fun we got to see where they are made. It wasn't very fun at first because of the rain. I just can't believe our governor winked at me! ~Brandin

On Monday we went to Manistee to see the governor give a speech on the new Wind Spire technology. Its a new why to use electricity without polluting. When she  was done talking we got to see them put up the first of many Wind Spires. The cool thing is that I can see it from my house. When they were done putting it up we got to have a tour of how it works. It was awesome there was a ROBOT! That puts the base together but just about everything else is manually put together. I had a lot of fun learning about the new Wind Spire.  ~Hunter E.

I really liked the field to Manistee to see the new wind power thing. I really liked seeing Governor Granholm. After she gave us a speech we got a peace of cake and then we got to go on a tour of the place. There are a lot of robots there. I though it was really fun. ~Lacee

We went on a field trip to see a wind spire. It was really cool when they showed us the inside of the factory. In side there was a machine that was working by a computer. We saw the governor of Michigan there. She said a speech of the wind spire industry. At the end they let us have some cake. It was a really fun field trip. ~Cynthia P.

Monday we went to Manistee for a wind spire presentation. It was so much fun we got to see how the wind spire was made. We also got some cake ice cream and a cup cake. It was so much fun on Monday. ~Brandi

On Tuesday we went to the Windspire plant. We left at 12:30 and got back at 2:45. Jennifer Granholm was there and she made a speech. Then we took a tour of the plant. It was fun. ~Spencer

The Wind Spire factory tour was fun. They showed us how they make stuff for the Wind Spire. We also got ice cream. The ice cream was good! Governor Granholm was there to. She gave us a speech. It was fun.  ~Kyler

On Tuesday we went to the Windspire in Manistee. We left the school at 12:30 and we got back at 2:45. The governor came and spoke about the Windspire. Then we took a tour of the factory. I had a lot of fun there. ~Matt

On Monday we went to a field trip to go and see a wind spire. it was fun. We got to see the governor do a speech. It was very cool. We were on T.V  I thought that was cool to. a lot of schools came to see her and so did a lot of people. I had a lot of fun. ~Madison

Michael Harroun of Angel Wind Energy out of central Illinois said the unique design of the product contributes to its early popularity.  "They're designed totally different,” Harroun said of the Windspire, which measures 30-feet tall and 2-feet in diameter. “They're not ugly. A lot of people like them because they look like art. Actually, most people don't even know they're turbines. They just think it’s something pretty like a yard ornament.”

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