Hope is in these Quiet Hills

Third Grade Students
Present a Musical Tribute
 to Michigan

Introduction   White Pine Singers

Part I.

What is Michigan?

  • This Land is Your Land      Woody Guthrie

Part II.

What happened in Michigan?          

  • Chippewa Dream Song  Arranged  John Beirhorst

  • Jennie Jenkins             Nonsense Song dating back to Revolutionary War, Adapted and Arranged by John and Alan Lomax

  • Johnny has Gone for Soldier   Irish Melody. Adapted and Arranged by John and Alan Lomax

  • Cumberland Gap   Nineteenth Century Pioneer Folk Tune . Arranged by Rachel Miller

  • Erie Canal   Nineteenth Century Midwestern Folk Song, Arranged by Peggy Seeger

  •  1913 Massacre    Woody Guthrie

Part III.

What CAN happen in Michigan?

  • Michigan, My Michigan        W. Otto Meissner

Cast and Credits

  • Narrators Carlee, Nicholas, Allison, Julia, Emily B., and Zoe

  • Original Poetry Julie and Faith

  • Bird Dancers Faith, Carlee, and Katelynn

  • Native Americans Jeremiah, James, Jared S., Anthony, Junior, Ethan, Jacob, Caleb, Julie, and Jaylen

  • French and British Explorers Emilee M. and Hobi

  • Revolutionary and Civil War Soldiers Dylan, Kevin, and Roberto

  • Pioneers and Settlers Sydnee, Sophie, Madison, and Ashton

  • Twenty-sixth Star - Renee

  • Families of the Upper Peninsula Mines Nicholas, Katelynn, Sylvia, and Elizabeth

  • Activists Annie Clemenc portrayed by Mckenzie    

  •  Mother Jones portrayed by Madison Miller

  • Oral Histories Madison, Emily B., Elizabeth, Jaylen, Sophie, Dylan, and Mckenzie

  • Content written and presented by Third Grade Class of Onekama Elementary

  • Teachers   - Sally Catanese and Gretchen Eichberger-Kudlack

  • Compiled and Directed by Gretchen Eichberger-Kudlack

  • Technical and Logistical Support Rick Brandis and Bruce Peabody

Compiled and Directed by Gretchen Eichberger-Kudlack


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