The Manistee Historical Museum
by Jon

Today the fifth grade went to the Manistee Historical Museum. The theme this year was Christmas in Toyland. First we split into two groups. The groups that I was in went up stairs to see Santa Claus.
When we were with Santa we saw his home. Then we went with the other lady to see what people lived in. That was fun. Then we went downstairs. This person's name is Tom. He explained about trains, trees and other stuff. I learned a lot. That was a fun field trip!

The first thing we did was see Christmas in Toyland. They split us in two groups, upstairs and down. We saw trains, Christmas trees and other things. A while later it was time to leave this fun field trip.

Today we went to the Manistee Historical Museum. When we got there we met a man that talked about the decorations around the Christmas Tree. There was a train that cost $80! In the next room there was mini toy houses and little dolls. The man let us see how the trains worked. After that we went upstairs and a lady said to go in the room. My group went in the room and Santa was there! He showed us his house then gave us candy canes. Today was really fun. ~Rhianan

Today we went to the Manistee Historical Museum. They had a tree that was surrounded by trains. He played some of the trains. This year the theme was Christmas in Toyland. It was very cool.

We went to the Manistee Historical Museum. One thing I learned was that they had toys in the 1800's. They had awesome trains, ones that smoked, ones that made noises, they even had a little log dropper that dropped logs in the train. They also had a a coal shoot where it put coal in the train. We even saw trains that were from 1916. That's old! Well, we were there I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I thank the guy and girl for doing the tour. 

We went upstairs and saw Santa. We saw his house that he stays in this time of year. Then we went down stairs and saw lots of trains. The theme was called Christmas in Toyland.

I learned they hung bubble lamps on the trees in the late 1970's. Almost every tree had them. They come in all colors and sizes. I never knew bubble lamps existed.

The museum was cool. There was a lot of old toys. There was an old train and old ornaments on Christmas trees. Upstairs was Santa Claus. He gave us candy canes. The museum was fun.

Today we went to the Manistee Museum. I had fun. I learned about the trains. I love trains because they can make smoke. It was a great museum. ~Keith

We went to the Manistee Museum. It was a lot of fun. The theme was Christmas in Toyland. We got candy canes from Santa. I hope we can go again. ~Jarrett

We learned about trains and what year they were made in. We also learned about Christmas Trees and how they made them look like they did. There was an aluminum tree that you couldn't put lights on because it absorbs energy. We got to see a lot of old things in the museum that were very cool. I liked going to the museum. ~Alyssan

The museum was cool. Upstairs Santa walked around showing us his house in Manistee. He gave us candy canes. After that we went downstairs. This people showed us trains that were made in the 1930's and 190's. ~Caleb

We got to learn about trains, doll houses and old trees and furniture. Going to the museum was fun. ~Logan

I learned that in 1939 Rudolph was thought of. I also learned Lional trains are over 100 years old. We got to see Santa too and he knows where my house is and he knows my name. I had a lot of fun. ~Kim

One thing I learned about was that during the great depression people reused Christmas trees. Then when the pine needles fell off the tree people would put snow on the tree. I'm glad our class went to the museum. ~Braden

My friend Courtney and I went upstairs first and saw Santa we saw his bedroom, his dining room and his living room. I had a lot of fun. ~Larissa

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They had lots of trains and there were Christmas Trees. Santa was at the museum too. I really liked the museum. ~Hunter

December 11th, Mrs. Brown's fifth grade went to the Manistee Historical Museum. It was so much fun! I learned about the music in the older days. The was they listened to music in a lot different than we do now. We had so much fun! ~Courtney L.

Upstairs we learned about this guy who could make bird noises. After we went to the next room and saw Santa. He said I was on the nice list!  He also showed us the order that the reindeer went. Santa also let us see the head elf Barnard. We went into Bernard's office and saw his hat. Santa said that's far enough or he will come out and scream at you guys so we ran back out of his room.  The he told us that instead of pudding your tree on the ground that they used to put them on tables. ~Keegan

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