Book Bowl Books
  • Stone Fox

  • Where the Red Fern Grows

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  • The Wish Giver

  • The War With Grandpa

  • The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler:

  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

  • The Sign of the Beaver

  • The Wanderer

  • Frindle

The 2009 Manistee County Book Bowl Competition

Competition Photos
Kennedy School
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Bowl Rules 

1. Each round of the contest will be composed of ten questions. Each team will get five total questions. One team gets all the even number questions and the other team gets the odd

2. The maximum number of team members who can participate in a game is 5. Teams may have alternates and substitute between games. Each team has a captain. The captain is a spokesperson, but may designate someone else to speak. Teams may confer after a question is asked, but only one person answers.

3. A 30 second time limit is given for each response. Timing begins when the questioner has finished asking the question. The question is repeated only if the moderator feels that it was not read clearly the first time. Occasionally the moderator may feel the team knows the answer but were not specific enough. The team may then be asked to be more specific and given 30 seconds more. This is a judgment call of the moderator and not open to being contested by the audience. The moderator is similar to a referee in a sports game. Not all moderators will make the same call in the same situation.

4. Scoring: 5 points for a correct answer and 3 points for a correct rebound answer

5. A scorekeeper will keep correct team scores showing totals for each team. The score keeper or another adult will be designated as the timekeeper. Any clock with a second hand may be used.

6. In the event that there is a tie at the end of the ten questions, tiebreaker questions will be asked. Each team will be given an equal number of questions, plus any additional rebounded questions. Tie breaker questions continue to use the odd/even number question system. Be sure each team receives an equal number of the regular tie breaker questions. Of course one team may get more total questions because they may also get the other team’s rebound.

7. The competition is double elimination. A chart will be kept showing each team’s progress. At the end of each round, the scorekeeper or questioner will report the results to the chart keeper.

8. Certificates of award will be presented to each team member. Forms are available. Plaques will be presented to the top teams.

9. Questioners will give a welcome and introduce the teams. Questioners will caution audience members against saying answers. Recordings should not be made of competitions.

10. The questioner/moderator will determine the correctness of a team's answer. The questioner/moderator may look up the answer if the case of an unclear response or if a captain says they are sure that their answer was right. (Captains should immediately state this.) The questioner may wish to choose a questioner from another room to help settle the challenge. A final decision will be made before proceeding and will not be changed at a later time. Keep in mind that people do make mistakes and Book Bowl is supposed to be a fun event not a life and death struggle.

11. In the event that a questioner accidentally gives the answer before rebounding it, he/she will select any unused question from the “tiebreaker” questions and rebound this question. Questioners are human, or that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

12. Questioners should check off all tiebreaker questions that they used and return the questions to the “Keeper of the Book Bowl Questions”. At that time the questioner will receive questions for the next round.


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