More Winter Fun
 in January at the
Portage Lake Bible Camp

Today we went to PLCBC. We did lots of fun games. We played Broom Ball, Kickball, Picnic on the moon and we did the Climbing Wall. It was really fun. ~Miah

Today we went to Portage Lake Bible Camp. We played a lot of games, but my favorite was broom ball. My favorite person was Pete. He was awesome. Pete did everything with us. Today I had a lot of fun. ~Jack.

It was fun going there. We climbed the rock wall. We played Big base ball. I hope we go again. ~Keith

I had fun! The first game we played was broom ball! then we ate lunch. The second game we played was kickball on the frozen lake! And another game was Picnic on the Moon! The last game we did was rock climbing. ~Kim

We played broomball, kickball, climbing wall and picnic on the moon. Broomball was my favorite. I checked Keegan, Mrs. Brown and Jarrett. Pete, one of the workers, was on my team. Our team won 5-4. The rock wall was fun too. I climbed all 6 walls. The councilor was calling me a monkey I climbed so fast. Kick ball was my third favorite. We were peanut butter team and the other team was jelly. Peanut butter won of course. ~Logan

Our leader was named Pete. Broom Ball was my favorite game. My friends and I saw our old counselor named goose. We also played kickball on the ice. That was a lot like ice kick ball. We also did the rock wall. It was a fun day. ~Jarett

We played Broom Ball, Climbing Wall and Kick ball. My favorite was Broom Ball. We had Mrs. Brown on our team. She played very well. We were the orange team. Everybody kept falling. I played very well as goalie. It was slippery because it was an ice ring. We played with a mini soccer ball. It was very hard to run. I'm glad we went to the Bible Camp.

We played  a game called Picnic on the Moon. It was really fun. Pete and Beth played with us. Beth asked what we wanted to bring to the picnic and I said Can I bring Maddy my best friend. Beth said no so I listened and found out the trick. I had to bring stuff that started with the letter of my first name. It was confusing but fun. ~~Larissa

Today my class and I went to the Portage Lake Bible Camp. The games that we did were broom ball, rock climbing wall, kickball (Ice Big Base) and Picnic on the moon. The instructors were Mr. Nesberg, Pete and Beth. My favorite was Rock Wall climbing. It was so much fun. I really really liked Beth. She was nice. Today was a good day.  ~Mackenzie

Today was the best school day ever. We went to PLCBC. I got to go on the rock wall. It was so fun. ~Caleb

Today we went to Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. My favorite part of the day was the rock wall. I almost made it to the top of the rock wall but I got scared. It was fun climbing the rock wall. ~Trever

Today I went to the Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. The best part was playing broom ball. In broom ball they put you each on the blue team or the orange team. Then they pass out your sticks you need to play. Then they pick one person to do the face off. Broomball was fun. ~Keegan

When we were there we played broomball. Our class split into two teams. My best friend and I were on different teams. It was really fun. After that we played Picnic on the Moon. It was fun. Then we played  kickball on the ice of Portage Lake. It was a little scary being on the ice. Today was awesome! ~Rhianan

On January 9th, 2009 the fifth grade and the fourth grade went to PLCBC and played four games. It was really fun. My favorite game was the rock wall because I climbed to the top of two parts of the wall. The rest of the day was awesome too. ~Courtney L.

Today was our class's Christmas party. We went to the PLCBC. It was really fun. We got to do lots of things. They were broom ball, climbing wall and kickball. My favorite thing was broom ball. I had a great time.  ~Braden

Today we went to PLCBC. First we played broom ball. It was fun. Then we went to have have lunch. And then we did ice big base. Our guide was named Pete. He was nice. Then the game we played was cold picnic on the moon. Our last game was climb the climbing wall. The owner of PLCBC was named Mr. Nesburg.  I had the best day ever. ~Taya

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