and Presenting
Advertising Posters
 J. A.

Today at J.A we did posters. My group and I did a poster about an ice cream shop '' all old and new ice cream''. On the poster it had a lot of ice cream on it and it was crowded on the poster. I had a lot of fun with Mrs. Punches. THANK YOU MRS. PUNCHES. ~Lacee

Today we had our last JA class. We made a business plan and a poster to present to the class. We were in groups and mine went first. Our store was called G.L. Games. We were located in Grand Rapids mall. Our slogon was "come with nothing leave with a smile". Our website was We would have advertised it on a billboard, on a TV. Commercial, or on the internet. I had a lot of fun making posters in JA. Thank you Mrs. Punches for all the time you put into JA. ~Hunter E

Today in Junior Achievement we made posters about our products that Jessica, Lacee, Tiffany, and I made up.  We made up a dairy shop. We drew almost all the dairy products on our poster. Then we presented our posters and read the prices on the poster. After that the audience asked questions. The presentation was fun!   ~Somer

Today we had our last J.A. we had to make a bisins plan. My partners were Ethan and Hunter. Our bisnise was a game store. This was fun having J.A  ~Randy

Today was our last Junior Achievement. I like to thank Mrs. Punches for all she taught us. We made a poster about what we want to do when we grow up. We got into partners. My partners were Jessica, Lacee, Somer, and me. ~Tiffany

I had fun making posters in J.A. My partner was Kyler and Steven. Our business was called Mario and Luigi's Nacho House. Thank you Mrs. Punches!  ~Brandin

Today in J.A. we made poster and made up businesses. My business was Pro Gamer. It was awesome.  ~Spencer

Today in J.A we made posters. Me and Spencer partnered up. We made a video game store. Today was our last J.A class. Thank you Mrs. Punches for teaching us about jobs. ~Matthew

                     Today we had Junior Achievement. We had to make a poster about a business. My business was about a hair salon. My partner was Abby she had to leave so I had to do all the work then she came when I was done. Thank you Mrs. Punches for teaching us about a business I hope to see you again.  ~Alexa

Today was our last day for junior achievement. We had to make advertisements. I was partnered up with Cynthia. Our advertisement was a horse training clinic. Cynthia drew a horse head, a bale of hay, and a fence. We had to write on our poster how long we were open, our phone number, where we were located, and a lot more. At the end we had to share our advertisements. Then we gave Mrs. Punches a card it said thank you. I thought this junior achievement class was the best class ever. Thank you Mrs. Punches!!!!!!!!!! ~Ashley

Today we had are last J.A class. We made advertisements. My advertisement was a game store called GL GAMES. It was great today in J.A. Thank Mrs. Punches for doing J.A with us. ~Ethan

   Today in Junior Achievement we shared are posters with are class. Ares was an ice cream shop. It was in the mall. Today was our last day in junior achievement.  ~Jessica

Today we had J.A. and it was fun. We had to make a poster. Brandin and I made a good poster if you ask me. We named it "Mario and Luigi's Nacho House". It was an advertisement for a Nacho House. We had prices for our food and they were $4.99 = bowl of nachos, $9.99 = party bowl of nachos, $11.99 = T-bone steak, $24.99 = full dinner = steak, mashed potatoes and a small bowl of nachos, $5 to 15 = pizza depending on size. We had a lot of fun. Thank you Mrs. Punches  ~Kyle

Today we had junior achievement it was our last day. We had a  lot of fun. We got to make a poster of our own business. My partner was Brandi we did a hair salon. It was a lot of fun! WE sold hair spray and hair cream the hair cream was $10.00 and the spray was $12.00.  I think it was my favorite day of junior achievement. It was fun. ~Madison

Today was our last junior achievement class. We made business plans to start our own business. Ashley and I worked together. We made a business called "Ash and Cyn's Horse Training Clinic." When we made our poster one half had a lot on it and the other didn't have much. Ashley and I went last, but we were glad. When we were done everyone thought we did well. Today's last junior achievement class was awesome. ~Cynthia

Today was our last junior achievement class. We made posters about advertisements and Madison and I made a poster about a hair salon. Our products were hair cream and hair spray. We gave Mrs. Punches a thank you card for teaching this stuff to us. Madison and I went third after Kyler and Brandin. Today’s J.A. was the best out of all of them. ~Brandi

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