High Tech Dental Hygienists

Today two presenters came in to show us how to keep your teeth clean. They taught us what is good and not good for us. Pop is not good for us at all there is about ten to twelve teaspoons of sugar but as a liquid, energy drinks are just the same as pop but more sugar, and sport drinks are bad for us. They taught us about gum disease. They also talked about how to floss. Thank you to presenters and teeth stuff. ~Hunter E.

               Today we had some people come in and told us about high tect dental. It was about dental stuff. It was gross because it showed gum disease it was gross. They told us how to floss and if you didn't your teeth would get brown and you will lose them. Thank you presenters for coming in and showed us what would happen if you didn't floss or brush your teeth. ~Alexa

Today we had dental hygienists come in to our class. They taught us about nutrition, gum disease, and how to floss properly. They showed us a slide show. I thought some parts were really disgusting looking. They gave us gift bags with a tooth brush, floss, and tooth paste. Thank you Natalie and Misty. ~Ashley

Today some people came to visit us and told us about teeth. The people that came were very nice. We had a lot of fun. We learned about gum disease and how to floss. We had so much fun. ~Kyler

Today we had a guest speaker. She spoke about teeth. She told us all about how to take care of our teeth. She showed us some videos. This was a fun day. ~Matthew

Today two dentists came in and take to us. They told us about a gum disease.  It was sort of scary watching the video. ~Ethan

Mr. Neph's Class Page for 2008-2009

Today we had dental hygienists come to our class. They talked about our teeth. It was very gross. It should a picture about teeth that were not brushed. Thank you presenters for the teeth stuff! ~Madison

Today we had dental hygienists come in. They showed what our teeth would look like when we didn't do what we are supposed to do. Ashley and I thought that it was really gross. They showed us a video about gum disease and flossing. Today was gross and fun. ~Cynthia

            Today we had some people in and show us what it would look like if you did not floss or brush your teeth. It was very disgusting because it showed gum disease (which was very very disgusting.) ~Brandi

Today we had a speaker come to speak to us about dental hygine. It was gross. It was fun. ~Spencer

 Today we learned more about teeth. I learned a lot. I learned that you have to floss under your gum. It looks like it hurts. We got tooth stuff. Thank you presenters for the floss, tooth brush, and tooth paste! ~Brandin

Today two people came in from hi tek dental. They talked about flossing, food to eat, and gingvitis. It made me scared of that. It was pretty cool. This is what we did today. ~Randy

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