Buddy Reading With the Kindergarten Class

On Friday we had buddy reading with Mr. K.’s class. I read with a student named Hunter I think that’s cool because my name is Hunter.  Hunter was a good reader he read all the books he brought. If Hunter needed help on a word or two I would help him but that was pretty rare because he read so good. Hunter read for about fifteen minutes so that gave me enough time to read for fifteen minutes. I had loads of fun reading with Hunter I wish I could do it again. ~Hunter E.

Buddy reading is fun. I buddy read with my brother. He made two books called under the stars and good night moon.. ~Spencer

Today we had buddy reading. We read to Mr.K’s class. I read to Briton he is six years old. I read a magic tree house book to him. We read from 2:20 to about 2:45. I had fun Buddy reading. ~Matthew

Buddy reading was fun. I got to read with my sister. We had fun. I read her “Clifford’s Kitten". ~Kyler

I had fun at buddy reading. I had two partners, one a girl and another boy. They were very nice to me I read them two stories. I wish I could have had more time. ~Lacee

For buddy reading I read with my cousin. It was so fun but it was loud. Their books are so easy but funny. That was the first time I did buddy reading with my cousin. ~Alexa

For buddy reading I read to two little girls. We read with Mr. K.'s class. The two girls read there books that they made. I read one chapter of my book. The girls read there books first. After that we drew some pictures. I drew my cat. The girls drew really nice pictures. It was so fun! ~Tiffany

For buddy reading I got to read to my little sister. She read me two of her books and I read her one of mine. She stumbles on words a little, so I have to help her. Buddy reading with my sister is fun. ~Cynthia

      For buddy reading I got to read with Naylee. Naylee had trouble reading so I read her book for her. Her book was what I have in my room. It was an easy book for me to read. For naylee it was probably hard. After we read books we drew for a while. It was fun reading with Naylee.  ~Jessica

Today I left school early because I went to a family dinner. I did not eat anything. After that we watched my brother play basketball. They won the game by lot. So this is what I did instead of Buddy reading.  ~Randy

 Buddy reading with Mr.K's class was fun. I read with my cousin Micheal. He read his book he made called Good Night. I read him my bike and The base ball Mystery. It was really fun. ~Brandin

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