Book Bowl 2009

We had two book bowl teams in Mr. Neph's class. One team was named The Booksters and another team was named the Geek Squad. The Geek Squad had all goofy names like Countdokela or Geekoverlord. The Booksters had tie dyed shirts with Booksters on the front and are nicknames on the back they looked cool. My nickname was Lexie. Jessica and Somer made our shirts Jessica thought we messed up but she should me the shirts and nothing was wrong with it. Some shirts were red and white and the rest were maroon and white and they were cool. The Geek Squad's shirts were orange and it said Geek Squad on the back. We versed a lot of people then we got to go out side and play on the tire swing I almost barfed on somebody but they stop me just in time. Then we had to go inside to do some more rounds the Booksters got eliminated then the Geek Squad got eliminated also. We had a great time at book bowl. I wanted to do it again but that was my last year. I will miss Book bowl.  ~Alexa

The Book Bowl was very fun! We got fifth place. Our name is Geek Squad. Although we did not get first place we did have fun. After we got out we watched the semi finals. Then we came back and went outside for recess. In all we all had fun.  ~Kyler

Last Thursday the fifth grade had to go to a book bowl competition. There were either two to three teams in each class. It was so much fun. We had to go to Kennedy School for the competition. Our team had all girls on it. Our name was the Booksters. The other team for Mr. Neph's class had all boys on it, and their name was the Geek Squad. Our team lost in the first game. Then we played four more games and won those. The last game we played was against the Geek Squad. They beat us by five points. We got to go out for recess. The recess was about 20 to 25 minutes long, of that is what it felt like. Then we had our lunch. There were 22 teams to compete. My mom was the leader of our team. Somer and Jessica made us tie-dye shirts. The people that were on our team were Cynthia, Madison, Jessica, Somer, Alexa, Tiffany, and me. Everybody was mad that we lost, but at least we tried. I think book bowl was so much fun. I wish we could be in book bowl next year too. ~Ashley

This year I'm in book bowl. Book bowl took place at Kennedy in Manistee. We only had five rounds and we lost the 5th. We had to play our own team which was the girls in our class. Our name was the Geek squad. I had a lot of fun at book bowl. ~Matthew

Thursday we had our book bowl competition. Our name was the Booksters. We lost the first game, and then won the next. The next one we won too, but the third game we played the boys in our class. Their names were the geek squad. We lost so we were out of the competition. We got to watch Mrs. Brown's teams play though. They were really good at their first game we saw. Then the next they lost. One time when my team was still in the competition we played one of Mrs. Brown's teams. Their name was the rocket blasters, I think. We won and they weren't in the competition any more. Thursday was a very fun day. ~Cynthia

This year I went to book bowl. I was on the boys’ team. Our name was the geek squad. We won fifth place out of 22 teams. That was pretty good. I had fun. ~Spencer

In school we have do a thing called book bowl. I was not on a team but I went with the teams. When we were at the book bowl competition they even let all of have a break and go out side. Our class had two teams. The Booksters and the Geek Squad. Our teams did great and the other class did too. I liked the competition. We were one of the top 13 teams out of 22 teams. It was so so fun!!  ~ Lacee

Last Thursday my class went to Book Bowl at Kennedy Elementary School. When we got there we had to wait till it was our turn to play against anther team. Our Book Bowl name was Booksters. The first game we lost against the Brain Buzzers. We were kind of upset but then the next game we won ageist the lost turtles. We were all happy! The third game we won against the Book Blasters the Book Blasters are from are school too they are from the anther class. The forth game we went against the geek squad and we lost then we were out of the competition. It was a really fun field trip. ~Jessica N.

Book bowl was very fun! The book bowl games took place in Kennedy Elementary school. The first game we lost, all the people in our book bowl team is Tiffany, Ashley, Alexa, Cynthia, me, Jessica, and Madison. The last game we competed against Mr. Nephs 5th grade boys which is in our school. It was not fair 22 teams were there why would we play somebody from our own school. ~Somer

Last Thursday my class and I went down to Kennedy school for book bowl. It was fun. One of the rounds we had to play our class the Geek Squad. The Booksters had to play the book buzzers and then the lost turtles also they had to play the brain blasters and then they lost because the other teams got the answers wrong but the lady accepted it. But then our Geek squad lost too so we were out the rest of the competition. It was fun watching the teams at the end ~Brandi

On Thursday my class went to the book bowl competition. I went but I was not on a team. We had a total of five teams for book bowl. I had a lot of fun at the competition because we all did a good job. ~Randy

This year I was on a book bowl team. Our team's name was the Geek Squad. On the team was Hunter, Kyler, Spencer, Matt, and I. My nickname was Geek-o. We made it about 4 rounds and then lost and were out. I think all of the team did their share. The most fun part was versing the girls in my class. They were called the Booksters. I had lots of fun! ~Brandin

Thursday we went to book bowl and we answered question from ten books. The book I had to read was Harry potter and the sorcerer stone and the wish giver. I was the only one in the Booksters that read the wish giver. My team got shirts with are nick names on the back of them. My nick name was hubba bubba. That day was fun. ~Tiffany

Last week our class went to book bowl. I was not on a team but I went. Our team name was the geek squad. I had a great time at book bowl. ~Ethan 

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