On March, 11 the Leader dog people came in and talked to us about how they train the dogs. The dogs that came in were Edgar a Golden Retriever, True, the leader mom and a German Shepherd named Ranger. They were all so CUTE! I learned that they can't eat food of the ground. I also learned that they have to go to stores, restaurants. I'm so glad that the Leader dog people came in and gave us a presentation. ~Jon A. Leader Dog

Fifth Graders Write

Today four leader dogs came in and we learned about how blind people get took around. They told us all the dogs name and there names were edger, mom, true, and ranger. Then some people talked ones name was Kim and the others name was tom and Ms. Cathy. Tom had to be led by ranger. Then we got to pet ranger, edger, mom, and true and we also asked questions. I think leader dogs are cool.  ~Keegan

Today we got to see four leader dogs. There was a German Sheperd, two Black Labs, and a Golden Retriever. Their names are Edger, True, Ranger, and the retired Mother of True. They were all very sweet, but my favorite was Edger. There was a very nice man named Tom. He needed help by a dog. It was fun. ~Mackenzie

This morning we went to a leader dog presentation!  I learned that it takes $38,000 to raise a dog from a puppy to a leader dog! During the show, the leader dog was able to find the door and then came back to the same spot!  I was able to pet the dog after the show and they were so nice! After the show we got bookmarks to remind us of the show.  Thank you for the presentation, I learned a lot! ~Abby B. Today we went to the media center to see leader dogs. There were 4 dogs and 3 presenters. The dogís names were True, Ranger, Aberdeen, and Edgar. True was my favorite. She is 1 year old. I thought True was the cutest. It was awesome when Tom told Ranger to find the door and he did. The dogs and presenters were really awesome. ~Cynthia
    Today we went to a presentation about Leader Dogs. Did you know that leader dogs cost 38,000 dollars to train? They showed us the command called leave it. That means the dogs canít eat whatever is on the ground. Only to eat what comes from the ownerís hand. Then they did a command to look for the library door. Then we got to pet the dogs. Then we had to go back to class. ~Hunter E.
The leader dog presentation was fun. The dogs are very important. The dogs are worth $38.000. They help people who are legally blind. The people who raise the dogs are special people. We got to pet the dogs. I had a Blast there. Thank you Leader Dogs for coming to our school. ~Kyler Today we went to a leader dog presentation. I thought that it was really cool that they train dogs to help blind people. The Germen Shepherd found the door in the media center. The people who help the blind train the dogs to be loyal to their leader. The dogs help the blind walk to places like restaurants. The dogs were worth 38,000 dollars. After the presenters were done talking we got to pet the dogs. ~Tiffany
Today people from leader dogs came in with fore dogs and showed us what they have taught them to do. they showed us that the dog could find the door. then they showed us that if they find some thing on the floor they will leave it. this was a really cool activity ~Randy
Today we saw four blind guiding dogs. One person showed us how the dog takes him to the door. The dogs were so cut too. It was a great dog leader presentation. ~Ethan Today we had a leader dog presentation. There were four dogs that were German shepherd, two black labs, and a golden retriever. She said that leader dogs are worth $38,000 but you don't have to pay anything. ~Spencer

Today we went to see leader dogs. There were four dogs and three presenters. The dogís names were True, Edgar, Ranger, and Aberdine. My favorite dog was True. She is one year old. True's mom is Aberdine. Aberdine is two years old. Tom, one of the presenters, made Ranger find the door and Miss Kim was another presenter. Each dog is worth 38,000 dollars. At the end we all got to pet the dogs. I thought having the leader dog presentation was so much fun.  ~Ashley K.

Today 4,  dogs came in and some people talked to us one thing they want people to do is not to throw gum or other trash on the ground because the dogs cost about 38,000 dollars. the dogs have to be taken to places like stores and other things too. I really liked the speech they gave us and I liked the dogs too. Lacee.

Today we had a leader dog presentation. It was awesome. There were 4 dogs. I liked them all. One of my favorites was ranger. He was awesome. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. ~Jack

We went too a show today about leader dogs. It was fun. My dog is roku. The dogs were cool. ~Steven

Today we had leader dog training. There were four dogs. Two Labs one German Sheperd and one Golden Retriever. They showed us how to approach a dog. They also let us pet the dogs. Then they showed us how they trained them to leave stuff on the ground like garbage and trash thatís on the floor. We had a fun time.  ~Rhianan Today we had a leader dog presentation. There was a girl named Kathy. She had two dogs with her they were black labs. Then there was a guy his name was Tom. He had a german shepered it was a leader dog. Tom was fully blinded so he got the dog and his name was Ranger.  Then there was another girl there her was Kim she had golden retriever his name was Edger. At the end we got to pet them.  Thank you Kim, Kathy and Tom.  ~Alexa
Today we had a presentation on leader dogs. We learned that it cost $38.000 dollars for one leader dog that is a lot of money. We also split up into groups I was in Toms' group his dogs name was Ranger he was a german shepard. I learned a lot on leader dogs the dogs we saw were really nice. ~Larissa
Today we got a presentation by the workers of leader dog. It was really fun because we got to learn about how to not come up to a dog when itís on duty with a blind person and how not to feed it only let the owner feed it. I got to pet the black lab named drew. He was really cute. I also got to pet Edgar the golden retriever. Ranger is a pet of a legally blind person who came to this presentation. Ranger was really cute. He was a German Shepard. It is really funny watching them play around. Having the workers of the leader dog foundation come in was really cool. ~Logan Today we had a leader dog presentation. They showed us how dogs do not eat anything up off the ground and from anybodyís hand but their leaderís hand. We also got to pet the dogs it was so fun. One of the personís names was Kathey and the other two peopleís names was Kim and Tom. I had so much fun petting the dogs at the presentation. Tomís dog name was Ranger. ~Brandi
Today we had leader dog come to our school. It was the first time leader dog ever came to our school. Leader dog gives dogs to people who canít see. The dogs are trained to lead there blind person around and help guide them. Iím glad leader dog came to our school. ~Braden

Today we had a leader dog presentation. They taught us about dogs that work to help the blind. Some of the dogs names are Edgar he is a Golden Retriever, there is True he is a Black Lab, thereís also another Black lab that was retired from having puppies, last one was a German Shepherd he actually had a person with him to lead around the dogs name was Ranger. We also learned how to approach a dog in work. We saw that they were taught not to eat things off the ground it has to come from the ownerís hand. They put some treats and beads on the ground and the dogs didn't go after the treats and the stuff on the ground. It was so cool that we got to see these kinds of dogs. ~Alyssan

Today people came in and talked us about leader dogs they also they also brought in 4 leader dogs in the school their names were mom, edger, true, and my favorite ranger. Mom and true are black labs. Edger is a golden retriever. Ranger is a German shepherd. It was fun! ~Kim

Today we had four leader dogs come in. It was fun. I saw a blind person there with his leader dog. It was a German Shepherd named Ranger. He was big. He is cool and very smart. I like leader dog because they help people. ~Keith

Today we had a presentation about leader dogs. Leader dogs are dogs that lead blind people. It was pretty cool that we got to meet a leader dog. ~Caleb


Today we went to a leader dog presentation. A blind man came in and two other people and they talk to us about how to approach dogs and not to touch them in less the owner says you can. I thought it was really cool. ~Miah

To day we had people come in and talk about leader dog. Come in and tell how they train dog. there were 4 dog that came in. ~Jarrett


Today we learned about blindness. We saw 4 dogs. the type of dogs they were was 2 black labs, 1 Germin sheperd, and 1 golden retriever. it was a lot of fun. ~Taya

Today we had a leader dog presentation. the names were ranger edger and true. They were all very well trained dogs. they help the people that are blind. I really think it is a good thing to do for people in need. 
~Hunter M.


To day I learned that there are dogs that help us. there are kind of like eyes for blind people. THEY ARE SO COOL. ~Trever

Today we learned about leader dogs. There was a guy named Tom who was legally blind. Leader dogs was started by three Lions club members. The dogs are taken to a school at six weeks old. Ranger the German Shepard was Tom's leader dog. I had fun today learning about leader dogs! ~Brandin
Today we had a presentation in the media center. The presentation was about dogs that help people who have some problems. There were two people with dogs there names were Kim, and Tom. When Tom wanted to go to the door he said find the door. So Toms dog took him to the door. This was a fun presentation. ~Matthew Today we went to a dog leader presentation. The dog cost 38,000 dollars to have a dog. We learned that you can not throw trash on the ground, because if the blind people do not see them they might get it and chook, and die and that would be 38,000 dollars gone. We also got to pet the dogs to they were very nice. I liked the dogs.  ~Madison
Today we went to a leader dog presentation. The people that are legally blind tell their dogs to find something and they will go find it. The presenters said that it takes thirty eight thousand dollars just to train the dogs. We learned how the leader dog was invented. It was invented by three lion club members. There was a legally blind presenter their with leader dog. At the end we got to pet the dogs  ~Jessica

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