Onekama Elementary Field Day June 2009

Mr. Neph's Class

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Soccer Relay - 2 teams, the students, wearing “goofy” shoes and sunglasses, take turns kicking the soccer ball around the cones.

Winds of Portage Lake – Students, each given a cup, form a circle, one is chosen to be in the middle, that person says, ”Let the winds of Portage Lake blow all those who have……” (the student finishes the sentence like ….have a bird …. have red on ….. have two sisters…live in Onekama etc.) Those students who “have a bird” must set their cup down and run to another place/cup while the person in the middle runs to a cup in the circle. The student without a cup is now in the middle

Egg Toss

Beach Towel Shuffle - 2 teams, each team gets on one beach towel and then lays the next one down and all players get on it, then they move the first beach towel ahead and get on it, and so forth. First team to the cone wins!

 Directions for Field Day Activities

Wet-N-Wild - 2 teams, 2 lines, soak sponge, pass it over the head and betw. legs, last person squeezes out the sponge in the pail and runs to the front of the line. When time is up, the team with the most water in their pail wins!

Leading the Blind - 2 teams, students in pairs, one is blindfolded and uses a ladle to get and carry the water to the other bucket as their partner verbally directs them. After all pairs do it, then they switch roles.

Hoop It Up – whole class forms a circle hanging on to hands, pass the hula hoop around the circle without letting go of hands. Then add another hoop.

T-Shirt Relay - 2 teams, first player puts on the T-shirt and walks to the cone hanging on to their ankles, then crab walks back, the next student in line does the same until all players on the team have a turn.

Pillow Crochet - Students hit the whiffle ball through the wickets in order, after one student starts, another can start.

Circuit – see Kathy Cook

Steal the Monkey – 2 teams, stand on the two white lines, count off 1,2,3 etc. so each student has a number, put the monkey in the middle, teacher calls off one number, the students with that number run to grab the monkey and try to run back to their line without being tagged by the opposing student (with the same number). Call out more than one number as the activity gets going.


 Marbles in the Sand - 2 teams, taking turns the players with a spoon run to the sandbox, get one marble, go back carrying the marble on the spoon, and put it in the bowl. This continues until one team fills up their bowl and wins!

3 Legged Race

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