Each year Mrs. Catanese's Class visits the Manistee River Weir to get salmon eggs. During the next months they will watch them develop in their classroom

     Yesterday the third graders went to the Manistee river Weir. We got to go in the building. We got to see a salmon heart and kidney. These things were really gross. We got to hold a salmon egg that was very hard. We held some alive eggs and some dead eggs. Alive eggs are orange and dead ones are white. I liked the weir.
     I know the salmon life cycle. This is the salmon life cycle: eggs, alevin, fry, fingerling, smolt, adult and spawner. A spawner is when the salmon lays its eggs.
     When we went outside at the weir we saw salmon jumping up the fish ladder. We also saw a fish pond. At the fish ladder we saw salmon jumping to try to escape from the weir. ~Kiara

     We went to the Manistee River on October 8, 2007. We watched them get eggs from the female. They are orange. I thought it was cool watching them get the eggs. The put milk in the eggs from the male. Our class got to see the fish pond. The salmon were jumping over the walls. The walls are so they don't get in the other pond. I thought that was cool too.
     We went outside to see the fish ladder. The salmon were swimming against the current. We got salmon from the weir. We brot them to our classroom. Then we put the eggs in the tank. It is cool. Every day I come to the class I look at the fish tank. I liked it very much.  ~Michele

     When we went to the Manistee River Weir we looked inside and saw the guts. Me, April, and Kyle almost puked. We saw a salmon that jumped three times against the corner because it was weird. My dad went with me. It was fun except that I almost puked. My favorite part was the fish ladder. One jumped over a cage. The reason it made me sick was because of the heart and the guts. When we got the eggs we went to Stronach, but we had more fun at the weir because we got to see salmon and I love salmon. We got 400 eggs from the weir. The field trip was very fun because we got salmon eggs. ~Austin

     On October 8 we went tot he Manistee River Weir. The first thing we saw was the inside of a salmon. They do that to see if they have a disease. Some people held the heart.
     The people took a needle and stuck it in the female salmon and the needle had air to push the eggs out of the salmon. And then they took and male and sprayed the milk or sperm on the eggs.
     Then after that we got the eggs and went back to school. Then we dumped the eggs in the tank. I can't wait until the eggs hatch. ~Toni

     On Oct. 8 the third graders went to the Manistee River Weir. When we got there the Biologist told us about what we are going to see. When we went inside I got to go to the table where people got to check out the salmon. They cut the salmon open. We got to see the hart. Lauryn, Kassidy and me got to hold the hart. It was gross but I still liked it. The hart was beating and I got to hold it. My hand got all bloody. Then I had to wash them.
     Next they showed us the female. They held it and then put a needle in it to help them get the eggs out. Then the male ferdilized it.
     The last thing is the fish ladder. The salmon jump over the ladder so the fish got in the pond. ~Grace

     When we got off the bus the bus driver moved the bus. All of us children, teacher and adults walked to the weir. When all of us people get up to the weir we stopped. The lady told us her name. The lady was a Biologist. The lady took us in the weir. She was talking in a mickrphone. We saw the people knock the salmon fish out.
     There were two people at a table and they cut the salmon fish to see if the fish have a disease. Some of the kids held the heart. When we went outside we saw the salmon's ponds, The fish latter was cool. It was an inter resting day. ~Mark

     On October 8, 2007 the 3rd grade went to the weir. When we went in the weir they showed us the differents from a male salmon and a female salmon. Then they showed us how they checked the salmon for disease and then they showed us how they got the eggs.
     We got to see a lot of stuff outside to. We got to see a fish ladder and then we got to see where they put all of the salmon. After that we went to a stream and relaxed.
     After we were done doing everything at the weir we got some salmon eggs to bring to the class room. After a while the eggs will hatch and we will let them go. I really liked it at the weir. It was really fun. ~Jarrod

     When we went to the Manistee River Weir I saw a fish heart. I also saw some people knocking out fish. I saw this too. They were squeezing out the eggs from the female and milk from the male.
     The fish ladder had a few fish jump it. I got splashed a couple times. A few fish got stuck because of the current. There were a bunch of eggs on the ground.
     The salmon in our tank are Chinock Salmon. But right now we only have eggs. When they are an inch long they will be alvins. When they have to go back to the stream they are smolt and fingerlings. We will release them in May.  That is all I know about the salmon weir.   ~Tighe

     Mrs. Catanese's class went to the Manistee River Weir for a field trip. I'll tell you the story about the weir. When we got there a girl told us what they do to the salmon. The girl took us in the weir and I'm telling you it was stinky. We saw all of the stuff in the fish. It was so gross it almost made me sick. We went in and we saw people with sticks in their hand. I thought they were like a cop hitting a fish.
    We went where they were doing the eggs. They held the fish over a bucket and eggs came out. Then they got a male fish and put the males milk in the bucket with eggs. We went there to get some eggs for out fish tank. When brown salmon get in they put them down a pipe. They have a fish ladder and they trick the fish. The fish were good jumpers and leapers. Some tried to jump over things that separate the ponds. ~April

Me and our class went to the Manistee River Weir. We got salmon eggs. Some of the things that the people who work there did they exsplaned the stuff they were going to do.
     Some thing that they did to the fish was really cruol. It is they clobbered the fish right in the head. They did this so they won't flip out on them.
     The cool thing that they did is they got the egg in the body of the fish and the other cool thing is we got to hold the heart of the fish. They cut open the fish to see if it had a disease. But it was really gross that I did hold the heart. I almost fainted.
   The type of fish that we got the fish eggs from is a Shinock Salmon. The boy Shinock has a hook mouth. The girl has a strait mouth. They have sharp teeth. The habitat that a Shinock Salmon lives in is a river. It needs a special temperature to live in or it will die. A Shinock Salmon eats lots of food. They eat bugs like elgey and sometimes other fish. That's all. ~Taler Faye


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