Visiting the
Arcadia Museum
September 2007
The 3rd graders went to the Arcadia Museum and looked around inside. The people who owned the museum took us in a tunnel and took us to a room with a bunch of old history stuff. There was a tea set, a cash register, grindstone, a thresher, and a typewriter. Down stairs was old instruments, a collection of rocks, 2 pianos that still worked. There were old ice skates, old toys, old bed room stuff, old guns, and some thing up the scary stairs just a little room with some things. There were a big diary with writings. It was a pretty cool place. April
I went to the Arcadia Museum on Thursday Sept. 13, 2007. I saw a thresher, piano, grindstone, cash register and typewriter. They were cool because they were old. My favorite things were the twisty stairs and the room of the flyer lady. Her name was Harriet Quimby. There was a big big big Petoskey stone there. I got a post card. Grace Ann
When the third graders of Onekama School went to Arcadia Historical Museum on Thursday, September 13, 2007 we saw a bunch of stuff from the old days. I saw a typewriter and an adding machine. We saw a thresher, a piano and grindstone. I also saw 2 old cash registers. It was really cool seeing the stuff from the old days. I saw 3 butter churns. One was a hand crank. The others were where you beat the stick in the barrel. Some of us got free books from the museum. Kelly
On Thursday, September 13, 2007 the third graders went to the Arcadia Museum. We got to go in a carriage house. We got to go through a tunnel to get there. It was fun. It was fun because we got to see old things. We got postcards from the museum. We saw pianos, typewriters, a grindstone, Thresher, and a  cash register. Kiara
We went to the Arcadia Museum. They had lots of old fashion stuff. We went through the tunnel to the other side. They had a grindstone and a thresher., It was very cool because now I know what it is like to live in the old days. They had spiral stairs. They were very cool. I liked the museum because it was old fashion. Austin
At the museum I was goofing around with the scale weighing books. There was a grindstone and I was playing with it. It grinds knifes and axes. I messed around with the typewriter but it would not type. I saw a very old gun. There  was a lot more stuff than that. Tighe

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