Ski Day!

Onekama Elementary Students Celebrated their Good Behavior at Crystal Mountain

On ski day we went on the 12th of February. It was lots of fun. I liked all the hills we went on. Cameron , my mom, and I were in a group. But then Cameron and I ditched my Mom. She went to the lodge. We went on all the chair lifts. I liked the Crystal Clipper the best. We also went on every hill except Black Diamonds.  I had fun on Good Behavior Day and I wish I could go again. ~ by Gerald

Yesterday we went skiing at Crystal Mountain. We had to get a pass to go up on a chair lift. I got mine on my first time down. I went with Taya and Jill and Taya's mom. My mom and dad and two sisters came too. We went down the Green Circle and Taya kept falling.  When we got up there Taya was so scared. She would grab you and pull you down to the ground. ~by Keegan

I went skiing with Courtney L. and Miah. Our chaperone was Miah's Dad. Last year I didn't go skiing so this was my first time in a while. We stopped in the lodge a couple times. My favorite hill I went down was main street. I had fun on Good Behavior Day. I'm glad I went this year. ~ by Alyssan

We went to Crystal Mountain for Good Behavior Ski Day. I went in a group of seven. We got there at 8:30 and we left at 1:30. I had fun snowboarding with my friends. We could not go on jumps, black diamonds or in the woods. I had fun snowboarding. ~ by Ethan

Yesterday we went skiing. I had a stomach ache but I still went. I got my pass at the last minute. I had so much fun at Crystal Mountain. My parents came too. They were so glad when I got my pass. There were about 100 people there. All of my friends helped me. ~by Tiffany

We went to Crystal Mountain for Good Behavior ski day. I had a lot of fun with my friends. Almost all of us snowboarded. All my friends who were snowboarding didn't have to go on the bunny hill. I thought that was really cool. My friends and I went with Caleb's dad. I thought we all had a lot of fun. We are lucky to have good behavior ski day. ~ by Braden
When we got to Crystal Mountain we had a snack. Then we went to get boots and skis. Then we all went to Totum Park. After that dad and I got lunch. Then I went on the chair lift with Mrs. Bennett. I also got on the chair lift with my friend Taya. Then we all left.  ~by Courtney

On Feb. 13th the fifth grade went to Crystal Mountain to go skiing. We went for 3 hours. I went with Jordan, Hailey, Tawny, Jarett, and my best friend Jon E. I skied and Jon skied and Jarett, Tawny and Hailey skied. We couldn't go on black diamonds but we could go on blue squares. We hit the jumps. Well, that's what we did.  ~by Andrew

This year is my last year to go with the school. My mom got to come with me. When we got there we got our skis. Then we went to Totem Park, the bunny hill. My first time I fell down doing the splitz. I stayed there for a long time but I got up in the end. After that I went down 10 times without falling! I had a great time at Crystal Mountain. ~by Katie

My class was the first one to get our skies. Then we went to Totem Park. Once I got done there I chased down Andrew and Jon. We had a lot of fun on the hills. I love ski day. ~Jarett

I was skiing with Jordan, Jarett, Andrew, Russell, Elijah, Hailey, Tawny, and Payton. When I was skiing Hailey  hit a tree. That's what I did. ~ by Jon

At Crystal Mountain I fell 100 times. My mom came to Good Behavior day with me.  I fell and fell and fell. ~by Taya

I went skiing with Julie, Payton and Jordan. We went down lots of hills. Jordan and Payto9n snowboarded. Julie and I skied. It was a lot of fun skiing. ~by Caitlin

Yesterday was  ski day. I had so much fun with my friends. I skied with Caitlin, Payton and Jordan. We skied for a little bit with the Kott twins, but then they went with Andrew and Jon. After an hour or so we ate lunch. Then we skied again until noon. After tat we skied for the rest of the day, well, until 1:45 anyway. ~by Julie

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Onekama Elementary School

Crystal Mountain for Good Behavior Ski Day was enjoyed by Onekama Students in Grades K-5