Ms. Eichberger’s
Kindergarten Newsletter

September 14, 2006

Our Classroom Community


Our mornings have been filled with activities involving our entire selves. 

*     Working together and playing nicely

*     Following procedures and routines

*     Taking care of our classroom


Visual/Spatial Intelligence

 Visual or Spatial intelligence consists of:

  • The ability to perceive the visual world accurately
  • The ability to think in pictures or visual imagery
  • The ability to orient the body in space
  • The ability to graphically represent visual or spatial ideas.


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Check the Backpacks!


Yes, I need to check backpacks everyday as well. We have been practicing folding our work neatly and placing it in our backpacks.  I appreciate all written correspondence from you as well!


We have been interpreting a story through drawing pictures.  Attached to your child’s drawing is an actual illustration from book.  Notice if your child has drawn accurate details.  This week we read together, Caps for Sale - a story about a peddler and a group of mischievous monkeys.  Ask your child to retell the story to you! We acted out the story with music and costumes!  


How is your child responding to his/her school routine?  Please comment on the reverse of this newsletter and return tomorrow.  Thank you!