Flat Stanley Project

"Flat Stanley" goes everywhere with us. Her name is Lily, and she likes Music and Art Class. She does a good job learning words and counting.

Lily helps us at the weather station.

Olivia thinks Lily is a nice girl.

Lily likes the Onekama Library

Checking out books is great.

Lily enjoys going to recess with us. She thinks our playground is fun.

Lily thinks P.E. class is super fun.
She likes to roll around with Zoe and Elizabeth.

She can hardly wait to get back to class
and write in her journal.

She likes working on computers in the Mac Lab.

Each year we have a special project called the Flat Stanley Project. We receive a picture of a kindergartener from another state.  This year we have  Lily from the state of Washington. Her home school is Voyager Elementary. She is here to visit and learn what it is like to be a kindergartener at Onekama. The picture version of Lily visits for several months. We take pictures and write in her journal about the things we did during her visit. In the end she goes back to her home state.

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