Good Behavior
Ski Day

       Each year the Onekama Staff and Administration, in cooperation with the PTO, reward each elementary student with a Good Behavior Ski Day at the end of the first semester.    This positive approach to discipline is aimed at helping each student become responsible for his/her own personal code of conduct.  The Good Behavior Ski Day consists of a full day of skiing at Crystal Mountain Resort at no cost to the student.


The best part of ski day was . . .

That I passed Totem Park and go to go on the green.  It was one of the easiest  (Zoe)

Practicing turning and skiing with Jared and Brendan and his Dad.  (Brandon)

The best part of ski day was . . .

Racing my friends. (Jared S.)

Skiing with Brandon, Jared S. and my Dad (Brendan)

Racing with Dylan and being a good skier. (Ben J.)

The best part of ski day was . . .

The magic carpet and I like racing.  (Dylan)

Learning how to turn my skis.  I like skiing because I raced Ethan. (Junior)

Going down the hill fast. (Olivia)


The best part of ski day was . . .

Snowboarding.  I was on the big hill.  I fell a lot.  (Mason)

Going on the big hill. (Sara)

Skiing on the big hill.  Eating lunch and drawing was fun. (McKenna)


The best part of ski day was . . .

Going on the chairlift (Chloe)

Riding on the chairlift and skiing. (Ben A.)

The best part of ski day . . .

Was having fun at Crystal Mountain because I got to pass on the chairlift and ski with my Mom.  She got to ski with us.  It was fun. (Ethan)


Going on the chairlift and going on emmy.  Going on the big hill was fun. (Allison)


More K-1 Photos of Ski Day
Crystal Mountain

February 2007


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