Miss Schultz Parent Letter

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families,


     Welcome to our classroom!  I am excited to be back teaching here at Onekama for the fourth year!  This will be a wonderful year filled with great learning experiences for your child.  We have a unique situation with both age groups in on classroom, but I am confident that your child will do well with the partnership we develop to ensure their best interests.


       The literacy program I use for kindergarten is called the Building Blocks Program which is a developmentally appropriate, multilevel, framework for Kindergarten.  The first grade version of this is called The Four blocks.  The programs are one in the same with more reading and working with words activities at the first grade level.


        The folder with this letter in it is a Thursday folder and will go home every Thursday with your child’s work and my newsletter and any other important notes or things you need.  Please return the folder with your child every Friday.


        I would like to get a volunteer schedule set-up for parents to come in and help in our room.  I have a few names so far.  If you are available to share some of your time with us please let me know as soon as possible and I will get a schedule in tact by next week.

        We will have 2 snack times during the day – I in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.  Please be sure your child has 2 healthy snacks as well as some juice or water for the remainder of the week.  I will be setting up a snack calendar for the mornings so that each child has a chance to bring a snack for the whole class once a month.


        Our Open House is scheduled for tomorrow night from 6:00-7:30.  Please come in and visit our room.  I would love to meet all of you!


        Along with this letter I have included my discipline plan, your child as a learner as well as any paperwork that the student services office needs.  Please fill-out and return anything that we need to have on file.


        I have an open door policy.  Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me whenever your have a question or a concern.  It is crucial that we develop a partnership in order for your child to be the best they can be.  Thank-you!


       Have a great first week!



Miss Schultz

(231) 889-4421