Miss Schultz Parent Letter Thursday
October 12 , 2006

Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families,


            I have tested all the first graders on sight words and I have started testing them for guided reading groups by conducting a running record.  A running record is a test of your child’s reading, retelling and fluency.  I hope to be done testing and have my groups made by the end of next week.  I will also be testing kindergarten students that are ready for guided reading.  Once all my testing is done your child will choose their own reading book on Thursday’s.  They will have a colored sticker on their desk representing their independent reading level, which means your child can read the book without difficulty.  It should be easy because it is meant to be a confidence builder.  There is a section of books in my room with a colored sticker on them.  The levels are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  During guided reading your student is challenged more and will work at a level above the instructional level.  We work on reading strategies, comprehension and fluency, as well as introduce new reading strategies.

            The reading and writing program used here at Onekama is called the Four Blocks Program.  It includes guided reading, writing, self-selected reading and working with words.  The Kindergarten version is called building blocks and includes the desire to learn to read and write, language concepts, print concepts, phonemic awareness,

interesting words as well as letters and sounds.  Both of the programs work together to help all children succeed.  The activities and routines established are multilevel so there are multiple things to be learned and multiple ways for children, no matter what developmental stage they are in, to be successful.  Please reinforce what is taught here at school and read daily to your children, with your children and provide opportunities for them to read on their own.

           I have included the holiday party volunteer list.  Please make note of what you will be providing for each party day.  Thank-you so much for helping us!!

            Questions to ask your child this week are the following:


1)     Can you tell me 2-3 things that begin with the letter Jj?  Kk?

2)     Can you tell me about the fall season?


First Grade

1)     Can your write and then read the words said, to, too, came, have and he?

2)     Can you describe the fall season?

3)     Can you count by 2’s to 50?



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