Miss Schultz Parent Letter

November 30, 2006

Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families,


            First grade started a new reading series in our basal called “Get The Giggles.”  They read On Top of Spaghetti.   Over the next few weeks, you will see four books come home:  On Top Of Spaghetti, Where Is My Baby?, Hank and Lin, and Fox and ChickI have attached a list of new sight words to practice with your child.  The kindergarten started their rhyme unit and completed activities that go along with the Humpty Dumpty rhyme.  At the end of the unit they will have a collection of nursery rhymes to take home and read.

            The Onekama Public Library has a December activity going on.  Children can go in and make up to 5 Christmas cards.  Library hours are Monday &

Tuesday – 11-5, Wednesday & Thursday – 12-6 and Friday 10-4.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Jane at 889-4041. 

            Our Christmas program will be taking place Tuesday, Dec. 5th (next week).  The theme is Fiesta Navidades.  Students will be singing authentic folk songs from Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Colombia. Your child needs to be in our classroom by 6:45.  The program begins at 7:00 in the gym.  The suggested attire for girls is a white blouse, bright colored skirt, hair pulled back away from the face (braids, pony-tail, etc) as well as scarves or shawls to be worn over the shoulders.  The suggested attire for boys is a white shirt, dark colored pants and a kerchief to be worn around the neck.

Questions to ask your child this week are the following:



   1)    Can you tell me some words that rhyme with fall?


1st Grade

   1)        Can you tell me about the story On Top of Spaghetti?

   2)        Can you tell me some words that begin with the fl blend?  The sh digraph?  The th digraph?


            I would like to ask that your children leave their toys at home.  They are not allowed at school and are becoming a problem in the classroom.  If they have a special toy they would like to share with the class they can bring it on Fridays only.  Friday will be our designated share day.  Thank-you in advance for your understanding.




Miss Schultz


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