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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dear Kindergarten and First Grade Families,

 First grade has started a new reading unit called “Sharing Time.”  It includes stories called The Doorbell Rang, The Little Red Hen and Flower Garden.  Also poems such as “My Mami Takes Me to the Bakery,” “Together” and “Flowers.”  Over the next few weeks, you will see four books come home: I Like Cats, A Big Help, Great Frogs! and In the Cow’s Backyard.

First grade math flashcards have come home today.  Please practice these at home.  When they master the facts here at school you will receive new cards to practice.

Kindergarten continues to learn new nursery rhymes and discuss word families and rhyming words.  They are writing sentences by stretching out words and writing the letter sounds they hear.  You will get some of their work and please understand they are not necessarily spelling correctly.  They are using what is called inventive spelling to use their letter sound knowledge when doing their writing tasks.

We visited the Onekama Public Library this week Tues.  We will go again on Jan. 30th.  All public library books are due back by Jan. 30th.  If you still have a book out it has been renewed for you, but please return it as soon as possible.

There will be no school tomorrow due to a teacher in-service.  School will resume again on Monday.        

Questions to ask your child this week are the following:


1)     Can you tell me a word that rhymes with goose?  A word that rhymes with bake?

First Grade

1)     What is measured by a thermometer?

2)     Can you tell me a cold temperature?  A warm temperature?

The following are dates that you may want to add to your calendar:

Jan. 18th – Report cards come home

Jan. 19th – Buddy reading with Mrs. Bromley’s 3rd grade class

Jan. 30th – Walk to the Onekama Public Library

Feb. 14th – Valentine’s Day Party in the afternoon

Feb. 15th – Good Behavior Ski Day



Have a nice weekend!




Miss Schultz

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January 11, 2007