We had a great day at Moomers!

I saw a calf and cows Chloe

We ate ice-cream and we rode behind a tractor. - Rylan

I saw a cow.  I got to feed it. Brandon

We got to feed a calf and walk in a freezer Zoe

I ate ice-cream, pet the calf and saw a corn crib. Dylan

I ate ice-cream.  I saw a corn crib. -Brendan

I saw cows and a corn crib. Mason

A calf sucked fingers.  I fed a calf. Ben A.

I got to see a corn crib Ethan

I got to pet a calf.  We got to see cows. Jared N. 

I learned what cows eat.  We walked in a freezer Ben J.

I walked in a freezer and fed a cow. Allison

I saw a calf and I ate ice-cream. McKenna

We ate ice-cream and walked in a freezer. - Sara

I saw a calf and after I had ice-cream. Jared S.

We ate ice-cream. DeeAnn Miss Schultz's Main Page

Onekama Elementary 2006-2007

At the Playground