Mardi Gras Dance

A varsity track

February 2007

Last week there was a Mardi Gras dance and I went to it. We had lots of fun. I went. I danced the hole time. It was a lot of fun. ...Andrew


Last week we had a dance, and it was really fun. There was a lot of fun. Andrew looked like a hippi. He even had the sun glasses on. The last song we did was the Chicken Dance. ...Kaitlin

On Friday we had a Mardi Gras dance. It was so crazy!! There were all kinds of songs. It was fun because you could just run around and there was pop, chips, and pretzels to get hyper on. I hope we do it again. ...Logan


The Mardi Gras was fun. It was after school from 3:00 to 5:00. The dance was in the lunch room. They played limbo. ...Levi

Last week on Friday there was a Mardi Gras Dance. We did the Limbo and the Chicken Dance. Andrew and I made a bag of popcorn fly. A lot of my friends were there. I had a lot of fun. ...Jon


The Mardi Gras Dance was a free for all. We had food and danced the limbo. There were balloons and necklaces. It was fun. ...Jarett

At the Mardi Gras dance it was really fun. When I went in there it was almost done. Mrs. Brown said come on in and dance like party animals. So my mom said I could. I danced with my 3 friends Brittney L. Faith, and Karrie and me. We were dancing as 4 best friends. I really had fun. ...Emily
First we did the Chicken Dance. We ate pretzels and chips. We drank orange pop and sprite. We did the Margarita too. At first (before the chicken dance) we hit each other with balloons! I got four beads. They were blue, gold, purple and green. It was cool with Kelsey, Ronnie, and I think Alyssa did the worm. I had fun at the dance. ...Haley I went to the Mardi Gras dance last Friday. We played games such as 4 corners and the limbo. I danced a lot with Janique, Alexis, Megan, Kayla K., and Gerald. There were snacks but they went fast. It was lots of fun at the party. ...Kayla

February 23 we had  a Mardi Gras dance for the 3rd - fifth grade. It was a lot of fun because we got to do all sorts of dances like the chicken dance. It was a lot of fun. ...Taylor

There was a Mardi Gras dance of February 23. It was run by the track team. There was a lot of good music. Many of my friends were there. It was a lot of fun. I had a good time. ...Caitlin
This party was presented by the girls'
track team.  Check their schedule and
photos from last spring 2006.  The first meet for the girls will be at Grand Valley March 22. Their first away meet will be April 13 at Benzie. Their first home meet will be the Frostbite Invitational
April 20 at 3:00 PM.
See you there!
~Coach Brown

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