Crystal Mountain
Ski Day
Grades 4 & 5

February 15, 2007

First we had to go to the Totum Park. Then Cam passed and a minute after he passed I passed for the first time. I had lots of fun. Then Anna's Dad showed me how to get ready for the chair lift. First you wait at the wait sign then you go up a bit and the car will come and you sit down. I will tell you it is a long way down so don't look down. It is about a 2 minute ride up. ...Natasha

Today I went to Crystal Mountain. I skied with Jarett. Aaron hurt himself. I had lots of fun. ...Jon

It was a great day at Crystal Mountain. I only fell once. I fell because I had to help my friend. The best trail was main street. My friend Aaron fell like five times. I had fun today. ...David

Today was Good Behavior Ski Day. John and I paired up and took on some of the harder blues, as we weren't allowed to take on the blacks. (The hardest.) John fell a lot, and I had to wait about ten minutes for him to get up. I nearly fell, but saved myself in the nick of time. It was a lot of fun at Crystal Mountain. ...Sam. B.

I had a really fun time skiing with Devin T. and Sami K. We all went down Emmy. Sami and I went down Main Street. My mom and I and Sami and her Aunt went on the Clipper. We met Mrs. Brown at the Clipper and she went with all of us. Then she took a pitcher of us. I had a really fun time with everybody. ...Emily

I had fun skiing down hills. I wiped out on Google Hill. ...Cameron

It was really cold out. There were lots of fun hills. It was fun because Anna and Louise skied with me. I had so much fun. ...Caitlin

Skiing at Crystal Mountain was fun! I went down the Canyon. It is the most exciting. I also liked the hill called Walley's Way. It was easy. I had a great time. ...William

I went skiing. I was on the chair lift. This was at Crystal Mountain. I rode a bus to the big hills. I went down Little Vincent. ....Elijah

Today we had Ski Day at Crystal Mountain. I got out of Totum Park on my first run. I went with Brittany's dad and grandpa. In her group was me, Brittany, and Claire. I had a great time. ...Faith

Today we went skiing. I really like skiing. I liked the canyon. I fell 5 times and it hurt. I really liked skiing. I usually went on Wally's way. The last hill I went up on was Giggles. I hung out with Sam B. My favorite hill was the Canyon. I liked Drop-In a lot. ...John

Today we went to Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. It was really fun. Most people had to rent ski equipment but I had my own. First we had to pass a test on the Bunny Hill. When you get a pass you can go on the actual hills. Anyway, it was really fun and it's too bad we don't have Good Behavior Day next year. ...Claire

I learn to ski at Crystal Mountain. Paytan always falls on the hill. Tawny was starting to go on the jump. Jordan hit so many jumps on the hill. Alexis fell too many times. I had fun. ...Hailey

Today we went with our friends to Crystal Mountain. We went down Little Vincent. The ski lifts were so fun that I wanted to go on them all the time. ...Alexis

Today I went to Crystal Mountain and it was fun! The hills were awesome. My favorite was Drop In. I went with Cady, Nisha, Logan and Levi. I hope we get to go again. ...Mikelle 
Today we went skiing at Crystal Mountain. Taylor, Alexis, Kayla, my dad and me went in a group. One of my favorite hills was Cutoff. Cutoff was a very fast hill. I was one of the fastest skiers in my group. I had a lot of fun.  ...Megan Today we went skiing at Crystal Mountain. I went with my friends Ann and Caitlin. We passed our first try. It was fun waving to people from the chair lift. We went down lots of hills like Canyon, Interlochen, Huggy Bear, Hollow, Little Vincent and Main Street. I had lots of fun even though I might have frost bite. ...Louise
I went to Crystal Mountain skiing today. I went on Little Vincent. I had fun today. I passed the first time. ...Bernice

Today we went to Totem Park first. Hailey, Bernice, Payton, Jordan and I went down Little Vincent. I fell on the hill. Hailey went down and fell too. ...Tawny 

Today I learned to ski really good. First everyone went to Totem Park. I skied with Alexis and Megan. I also skied a little bit with Hailey and Tawny, Jordan and Payton. I had fun. ...Kayla

Today we went skiing at Crystal Mountain. I skied with Danielle. We stayed all day at Totem Park. I didn't get my pas though. I got to buy from the Clipper Cafe. It was fun. Then we left. ...Katie


Today we went to Crystal Mountain. It was really fun. I went down so many hills. The first hill I went on was Emmy, the easiest one. My favorite hill was Drop-off. I had a really good time. ...Sami

Skiing was fun. The best part was the arcade. You can play games there. I got 3 plastic dogs. My pals were up there too. I loved it. ...Mariah


Today was Ski Day. Faith was with me. Claire was with me. I passed the Totem Park on the first try. I had fun. ...Brittany H.

2nd and 3rd Grade

Kindergarten and First

Today was Ski Day. It only took me one try to pass. I did not fall. My favorite hill was Emmy. It was cool on the hills. It was fun. ...Brandon

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