The Great Gingerbread Project

Mrs. Niederstadt and Mrs. Brown's Classes Work Together.

December 2006

My partner was Nick. We made gingerbread. We had jellybeans and chocolate chips. When we were done we had to color. Nick and I had fun. ...Andrew, grade 4

You got a ball of dough and you had to flaten it out and shape it into a gingerbread man. You had to shape arms and legs and a head. After that you needed a mouth. It was so fun doing it! ...Caitlin, grade 4

This week the 4th and 1st graders made gingerbread men. We used flower and gingerbread. and chocolate chips and jelly beans. The teachers baked them. After lunch we wanted to eat them but they were too hot. It was fun. I had a good time. ...Jarett, grade 4
  • First what we did was make a story map and read the book.
  • Then we went to Mrs. N's Class.
  • Then we made a paper cardboard gingerbread man and house.
  • And then we made our gingerbread cookie.

by Natasha

My class did some gingerbread people. Then we measured with gingerbread. Also we made gingerbread cookies. My partners were Jame, Reverto, Indo and Jacob. It was really fun. ...Jon, grade 4

We did measuring activities. We measured a desk, a door, and all sorts of things. ...Jordan

Yesterday we had to form and decorate gingerbread men out of dough. Then we baked them. Then they came out really hot so we had to wait. Then finally we got to eat them. They were really good. ...Devin C. Grade 4

We helped the little kids make gingerbread. We partnered up and made  gingerbread men each. I liked it and I think the little kids liked it. I think we all liked it. ...Levi, grade 4

In December we baked gingerbread men. I decorated mine with Jellybeans and chocolate chips. Then we got to eat them. It was so good. ....Payton, grade 4

It was fun with my buddy. I helped her. We decorated together and waited until it was done. ...Emily

Making Cookies

Our Gingerbread House

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