Gingerbread Cookies

Mrs. Niederstadt and Mrs. Brown's Classes Bake Together

This week the 4th and 5th graders did a gingerbread activity with Mrs. N.'s 1st graders. We did a lot of things, but my favorite part was making the gingerbread and eating them. I also liked making the giant gingerbread house. Those are two parts I liked. ...Haley, grade 4

I liked when we made the gingerbread cookies.  We made them out of cookie dough.  It was fun to make them. Jacob, grade 1

My gingerbread cookie was good.  It had chocolate chips on it.  I liked the gingerbread unit.  I like to measure. Jaylen, grade 1

My favorite part was making gingerbread men.  It was fun making the gingerbread.  They are good to eat. Ian, grade 1

I liked when we made the gingerbread house.  I love the book.  I love to measure. Elizabeth, grade 1

Last week we did gingerbread activities with Mrs. N.'s class. We made gingerbread men. They were hard to shape. After we shaped them we put chocolate chips and jellybeans on them. Then we baked them. They tasted very good. ...Janique, grade 4

It was fun making the gingerbread house because we got to do the activity with first graders. Everyone got to build and put things on it. My partner was Madison. Another activity was making gingerbread men. After we baked them they were hard as rocks so I threw mine away! ...Logan F., grade 5

I liked when we made the gingerbread house.  I like when we made the gingerbread cookies.  I loved when we measured with our gingerbread men. Emilee, grade 1

We had gingerbread activities the week of 12-11-06. We did a story map, measuring, we made paper gingerbread and a house and we made gingerbread cookies. ...Kayla F. grade 4

The gingerbread activities we did this week were reading a magazine, making paper gingerbread men, measuring things in gingerbread men and finally making cookies. David, grade 5

  • We did a story and a story map.
  • We did a practice Gingerbread man
  • We measured almost everything in the room and made a Gingerbread house.
  • We made a cookie Gingerbread man.
  • Listed by Julie L., grade 4

December 2006