November News

From Mr. Mauntler’s room




We have begun our Guided Reading program. Two to three days a week your child will meet in a small group with me to read books at his/her instructional level. In these groups we will be practicing our fluency, word attack skills, phonics, and comprehension. We will continue to read stories as a whole group, as well as poems that incorporate phonics. We work on comprehension, real/fantasy, cause/effect, predicting, sequencing, main idea/details, and many more skills. This month we will be working mainly on main ideas/details and researching information.




We have been writing where your child and I develop writing skills through one-to-one interaction and group instruction during journal time. We will develop a spelling list from the conferences that we hold together and the assignments they have turned in to me. Your child should be bringing home a spelling list every week to ten days. Please look on the homework assignment sheet for spelling test times and study nights. Have your child practice spelling the words to you and use them in a sentence. Also, send the spelling list in their homework folder back to school each day.




It is very important that your child complete his/her homework each night. It is my intention that the homework serves to help teach responsibility. I feel it is their responsibility to get their sheet signed and returned to school, but, please help to remind your child that the homework sheet must be signed and returned each day.       However, if for some reason the homework does not get finished, please do not sign the sheet. Instead write the excuse in one of the spaces. I understand completely that some nights it just isn’t feasible for the homework to be completed (soccer games, visits from grandparents, family activities, etc.). If you ever have any questions or concerns about an assignment I send home please write me a note on the homework sheet or call me here at school.


Book Orders


I will try to send home a book order every other month. Before sending one home, I spend some time with the students identifying appropriate books. Please do not feel pressured to buy any of these books. I am pointing out books that I feel are written at an appropriate level.

It is easiest for me if you can pay for the books by writing out a check to the book order company. If this is not possible, it will still be okay to send cash.


Halloween Party


Thank you so much to all the parents for such lovely costumes. Thank you especially to the parents who sent snacks and helped in the classroom.


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