October Announcements

From Mr. Mauntler’s room




We are beginning our Guided Reading program soon. One to three days a week your child will meet in a small group with me to read books at his/her instructional level. In these groups we will be practicing our fluency, word attack skills, phonics, and comprehension. We will continue to read stories as a whole group, focusing on comprehension skills.




I have been taking words from everyday writing and morning journals to develop a spelling list from their writing. I will be using a green pen to denote the words we will be working on. Your child will then keep track of the words he/she needs to work on in a spelling dictionary. Your child has brought home one spelling list so far. These words and the words on the next list are from a “beginning of the year” list. We will be using the words from their writing after the next list. Please be sure to look on the homework assignment sheet for spelling test times and study nights.




It is very important that your child complete his/her homework each night. If for some reason the homework does not get finished, please do not sign the sheet. Also, please help to remind your child that the homework sheet must be signed and returned each day. There will be nights where completing homework is just not an option, ski club nights, late soccer games, family visits, etc. On these occasions please try to write a short explanation (soccer game, family night) on the homework sheet and I will be happy to stamp it.


If you ever have any questions or concerns about an assignment I send home please write me a note on the homework sheet or call me here at school.


Book Orders


I will try to send home a book order every other month. Before sending one home, I spend some time with the students identifying appropriate books. Please do not feel pressured to buy any of these books. I am pointing out books that I feel are written at an appropriate level.

It is easiest for me if you can pay for the books by writing out a check to the book order company. If this is not possible, it will still be okay to send cash.


Halloween Party


If any parents would like to step up and take control of our parties this year I would greatly appreciate it. I have some activities we did last year, but I would love to see some of your ideas. Snacks are great as long as everyone in the class gets one. This year’s party will be on Tuesday, October 31 (subject to change).


Parent Volunteers


If there were any parents who would like to come in and help during the week I would appreciate the help. The time that I could use the most help is between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning. I would be doing language arts to the second/third grade split and our homeroom second grade. I try also to guided reading at this time so it would also be a time to just try to keep the class focused on the centers and activities.

Please send me a note with the homework assignment sheet if you think you would like to give some time to the class and myself.



We will be making terrariums this month. I will ask each student to bring in the following things so that we can all take one home at the end of the year.


1.      Jar-preferably a see-through jar such as a large-mouth 1-quart jar.

2.    Rocks-small pebbles will do fine.

3.    Pine chips-or leaves will work.

4.    Moss-if available

5.    Lid for the jar.


If your child can not bring in a jar, I will provide one for him/her. I will also bring in extra “ingredients” for the terrariums if your child can not find them. Please send these things in a zip-lock bag or other enclosable container.

I will send a “reminder” when the time comes.


Spirit of the Woods Club


For our “Nature Spy” unit we will be taking the whole second grade to the Spirit of the Woods Club in Brethren. We will be walking on trails around the clubhouse, focusing on being more conscious of things around us. The students will be participating in a sort of “I spy” game where they will draw the things we have studied so far in Science and Language Arts as they spot them along the trails. I have a packet to draw in with those items named.


I am hoping to have enough parent chaperones so that there will be no more than 3 students, and ideally 2 students, per group. The trip will last from lunch time to the end of the day. I will send a sign up/information letter later in this month.

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