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On October 10, 2006 we went to the Little Manistee River Weir. All the Onekama 3rd graders went. It was fun. We saw them cut the salmon open and check for the bacterial kidney disease. The biologist showed us the salmons body parts. After we were done looking at the weir we got the salmon eggs. Then we got back on the bus and went back to school and put the eggs in the tank. We have to keep the tank temperature at 55 degrees F. We chart everything every morning. We get to watch the salmon grow. It will be fun to have salmon. …Faith

We went to the weir. We saw a bunch of salmon. We got to see the peple there cut open the fish. When I saw the guy cut open the fish the fin of the fish dumpt water all over me. They put a hook on it. They put a thing in its bode and it blows the eggs out. We went out side and saw the fish. We saw the liver of the fish and the kidne and the hart. The male is lots biger that the female. The male puts milk in to the buckit after the female puts eggs in. …Tasha
On October 10, 2006 3rd graders from Onekama went to Little Manistee River Weir. We looked at the salmon and learned how they get the eggs out. They stick a nidl in the salmon and blow out the eggs. They look for bacterial kidney disease. The salmon have to climb a fish ladder. Then we take eggs and put them in a fish tank at school. …Braden
We went to the weir to get fish eggs. The biologist showed us the inside of a salmon. We got to see the hart, the liver and the salmon eggs. The salmon were kept in a pool. They had to climb a ladder to get to the pool. Then we got salmon eggs and brot them to the class to put in a glass tank. …Matt
We went to a weir in Manistee and we got to see Chinook salmon. I saw how they get eggs out of salmon. Before they get the eggs out they check the fish for kidney disease. A biologist showed us the raceway that they keep the fish in. Then we poured the eggs the eggs in the tank at school. …Caleb
On October 10, 2006 Onekama’s third grade class went to the Little Manistee River Weir. We got to see the salmon get split in half. When the fish come back up from spawning they have to jump up a fish ladder. They have a special way to get the fish in a raceway. We got to tuch the salmon. The salmon were very slimy. They showed us the liver, kidney and heart. When they took out the heart it was still beating. It was so cool. We had a biologist talk to us. The salmon that we were looking at were Chinook salmon. The people that work there were cheking for bacterial and kidney disease.

The male salmon are larger and have a big snout. The female salmon is smaller than the male salmon. The people that work there have to put a needle in the fish to get the eggs out. Then when we were done in the building we went outside. In certain kind of way there was a cage and a lot of fish were dead. …Ashley

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