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Kiara's Pudding

I made pudding for my demonstration . It was delicious. I needed pudding mix, milk, bowl and whisk. Here are the instructions: Put pudding mix into the bowl, pour milk into the bowl and stir for two min. My  mom made treats for everyone. I thought they were good. Everyone else thought they were good too.


Lauryn's Demonstration

My demonstration was a yoga move called Warrior 1. I learned it from my mom. I showed the class in order how to do the steps. The class did very nice.

Matt's Mac and Cheese

My demonstration was how to make Mac and cheese. It took a while for it to boil. I did my demonstration around one O Clock. I brought the stuff I needed in the morning. i put butter and milk in the refrigerator at the school. After the water got done boiling I put the noodles in,. Then everybody tried my mac and cheese.

Caleb's Pigeons

My demonstration was pigeons. I brought three pigeons. One was a boy and the other two were girls. I don't name them . They are roller pigeons. I have to feed them every two days. We have over ten pigeons. I showed the class how to hold them.

Ashley's Puppy

My demonstration was to take care of a puppy. Her name is Kiara Johnson. She is a chocolate lab. Kiara has a white diamond on her chest. She likes to take baths. Kiara jumped into the shower two times with my mom. She got hyper and started to nip at people. People wanted to hold her but my mom didn't want them to. Mrs. Catanese could but nobody else. My demonstration was on Thursday May 3, 2007. We had to keep her on a short leash. It only took about 10 minutes. It was a lot of fun. At first I didn't know what to do . That is what I did for my demonstration. I liked it a lot.

Ethan Plays "Spit"

My demonstration was how to play "spit"! I had to choose some one to play with. First you deal the cards. Then you set them up. You put four cards face up. You day "spit" when you are ready. You cut two cards in the middle when you say spit. You stack them by 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0.

Lacee Demonstrates Cat's Cradle

My demonstration was to do Cat's Cradle. There's a lot of steps. I have the book at home but I forgot my book and I forgot my string. My string is all colored. To do Cat's Cradle you have the have a partner. My partner was faith

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