Chinese New Year

We had Chinese New Year in our class. Here are some facts about Chinese new year. Did you know that Chinese new year is 15 days long? Chinese new year starts on the new moon . Red is good luck and black is bad luck. Chinese think that if you was your hair you will wash away your good luck for the rest of the year. At party time we ate rice on Chinese new year. We got chopsticks. We tried to eat with our chopsticks. We made Chinese calendars. ...Kiara

This year is the year of the pig. Chinese new year is 15 days long. Red is good luck and black is bad luck. Chinese new year this year started on January 19th. My class started Chinese new year on February 1. My class ate with chop sticks. My class ate white rice. ...Kassie This year is the year of the pig for the Chinese new year.  Chinese new year is fifteen days long. On Chinese new year they use a lot of decorations. They put up symbols that mean good luck. They celebrate with family and friends. They have a feast too. On Chinese new year there is a lot of superstishins like don't wash your hair or comb your hair. You also have to clean up before Chinese new year. You aspecially half to open all windows and doors. ...Lauryn
Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. They celebrate by wearing red. The Chinese have a lot of superstitions. They have Chinese New year on the new moon in January. They also open all their windows and doors. The people don't wash their hair on Chinese New Years Day. They celebrate with family and food. The second graders had a party for Chinese New year. We had rice and fortune cookies. ...Kelly
We had a party. We had rice with butter and soy sauce. We used chop sticks and forks. The chopsticks were in a pocket. Red is for good luck. Black is for bad luck. They put up decorations for chinese new year. They clean up before new years day. They don't sweep on new years day or they will blow good luck away. ...Cambrian The Chinese New Year is 15 days long. They think you should wear Red for good luck and Black for bad luck. Most of us wore Red on the Chinese New Year Party. We had a Chinese New Year Party on February 1, 2007. We had rice and fortune cookies. Mrs. Catanese passed out chop sticks. ...Kyle
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