Onekama Consolidated Schools

Syllabus Outline for First Grade

Mrs. Niederstadt




I. Course Description:

Welcome to an exciting year in first grade!  In first grade we will be doing a variety of learner centered activities using cooperative learning within numerous groupings from small groups to whole group. Throughout the year learners will explore language through reading and writing.  Writer’s workshop will allow learners to become an author exploring their own use of language and publish their writings.  An individualized spelling program focuses on a learner’s writings in writer’s workshop and journals.  The learner will be engaged in using literacy centers during reading workshop exploring whole language, phonics and guided reading. Each learner will keep a student portfolio throughout the school year and learners will conduct student-led conferences in the spring.

II. Texts:

         Reading:    Houghton Mifflin Series (Whole Language/Basal Reading); The Wright Group and Twig (Guided Reading)

         Mathematics:    Everyday Mathematics: The University of Chicago School  Mathematics Project

         Social Studies:  People We Know by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.


III. Managing for Academic Success:

1.       Materials needed throughout the school year for various projects: paper towel tubes, scrap fabric, buttons, and string/yarn.

2.      Homework Policy: Monday through Thursday about 15 - 20 minutes.  A 

      homework sheet will be sent home each night with instructions.  A

      parent’s signature is required on the sheet each night.

3.      Attendance Policy and how it affects grades: It is important to attend every class, but exceptions are made due to illness, doctor/dentist appointments and vacations.  It is appreciated to know in advance of such appointments.

4.      Course Grading Policy: S+=Achieved, S=Progressing Successfully, S-=Beginning to Develop and U=Experiencing Difficulty.

5.      Each week enclosed in the Thursday folder will be a letter regarding upcoming events to keep you informed of happenings at school and academic progress.


Please contact me at 231-889-9674 before or after school to make an appointment to discuss questions and/or concerns that you may have about your child’s progress.  My voice mailbox is 436.


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