Mrs. N’s Wish List


Halloween Party Craft Supplies

Halloween Slime


  food coloring – green

  sandwich ziploc bags

   Ghost Wind Socks

  white crape paper – 2 rolls

   Pumpkin Head Pencil Toppers

  large wooden bead (Note: Orange would be preferred, but natural beads would work too.  It needs an opening big enough for a pencil eraser, because it’s a pumpkin for the top of the pencil.) – 25

   Batty Finger Puppets

  large black pom-poms – 25

  googly eyes - 40


Christmas Party Craft Supplies

Photo Ornaments

  colored popsicle sticks

   Hand and Foot Reindeer Craft

  googly eyes – 40

   Thumbprint Ornament

  green or red plastic shower  curtain rings - 20

  green or red narrow ribbon – 2 spools


   Other Christmas supplies

  large jars of ground cinnamon – 4

  large jars of apple sauce – 3

  white paper circle reinforcements – 2 boxes

  yarn – any color

  brown craft paper – 2 rolls


Valentine’s Day Party Craft Supplies

   Berry Bookmarks

  red and/or pink ribbon, thin (1/4”)

   Heart Pencil Toppers

  craft foam – (2) 8 ” X 11” sheets

  pipe cleaners



   sandwich ziploc bags

   gallon ziploc bags

   paper plates, large and small

   white lunch sacks