Mrs. Niederstadt's Parent Letter

October 19, 2006

Dear Parents,


Tomorrow we will visit Schoedel Farm.  This is always a special treat.  Mr. & Mrs. Schoedel will take us on a hayride to enjoy the fall foliage.  Once finished with our hayride, we will see their animals and leave with a beautiful pumpkin.  We will leave at 11:45 and should return by 1:30 p.m.  If your schedule permits, please join us. 


Next week I will be out of the classroom for three days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Ms. Sarah Skop is my substitute.  She moved from the Boyne Falls to Manistee.  She is engaged to Mark Harju.  Mr. Harju is one of our Onekama boy’s basketball coaches.


Our Halloween party is Tuesday, October 31st at 11:45 to 3:00 p.m. Students’ costumes need to come to school in a bag with their name on it.  If your child has a weapon as part of his/her costume, it needs to stay at home.  The following people have volunteered Jill Bronson, Charity Domres, Connie Eno, Sheila Falk, Stephanie Lash, Kris Mauntler, Lynette Maxey, Peggy Pepera and Karen Somerville.  You will be in charge of an art project so please come to the room at 11:30 a.m. for instructions Connie Eno, Becky Feil, Vawn Kolk, Stephanie Lash, Tonya MacPherson, Lynette Maxey, Tonya McWain and Missy Miller are providing treats.  Would someone like to coordinate the food?  If so, let me know.  Kris Mauntler and Kirsten Wisniski-Hoeh are providing drinks.  Charity Domres is providing cups and plates.   Please note that students will still participate in art with Ms. Woolman from 1:15 – 2:05, but this will give us the opportunity to clean up holiday art centers and prepare food and drinks for students.  Come join the fun!

Thank you to those who have sent in items from my wish list.  It is greatly appreciated.  I’m always accepting donations.  I still need the following items for our Halloween party: sandwich ziploc bags, green food coloring and large wooden beads-25.


If you have not visited our web site, then please do so at   You’ll see information from our field trips, parent letters, All About Me, Super Readers, and etc.


The following are dates that you may want to add to your calendar:

  • Buddy Reading with Mrs. Brown’s 4/5 class – October 20

  • Onekama Public Library field trip – October 27

  • Girl Scout Mtg. – October 30

  • Picture Retakes – November 6

  • Early Dismissal (12:30 p.m.) – November 9

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences – November 9 & 10

  • No School – November 10

  • Girl Scout Mtg. – November 13

  • L & B Silent Action – November 18

  • Thanksgiving Vacation – November 23 & 24