Mrs. Niederstadt's
Parent Letter

March  8, 2007

Dear Parents,


“The Store” is open for business tomorrow.  Sue Tolin has been my cashier for about six years.  She has graciously volunteered to help with our class store again this year.  The Store is a bulletin board consisting of many items such as rulers, pads of paper, posters, stickers, pencils, pens, highlighters, bookmarks and much more.  Each item has a price tag.  Students will be able to purchase items on Fridays.  Your child will earn money for completing work, following directions, working quietly, helping a friend or many other possibilities.  The store is a privilege for those who have earned it.  Donations are always appreciated for “The Store.”  Any of the many dollar stores offer great items for us to use.  I’ve received donations from past year’s parents donating McDonald’s and Burger King toys as well, but I have many toys at this point.  Currently I need more school supplies items.


Also there is a bake sale tomorrow.  All proceeds will go to Kaitlyn Smith’s family.  This family lost everything in a house fire last Sunday.  All items are 50 cents each.




Last Friday our presentation by Buck Wilder was cancelled due to the weather.   It is rescheduled for Monday, 19th at 10:00 – 10:45 in the Media Center.  Luckily the weather didn’t interfere with our afternoon plans.  We had a wonderful field trip to Manistee Public Library and Pizza Hut.  Your child’s books are due on Friday, March 22nd.  We will walk to the Onekama Public Library to return them and check out new books.  You can visit our web page at   for pictures and student writing about this event.



The following dates you may want to add to your calendar:

        Animal Research Project due – March 12

        Camp Read-A-Lot – March 16

        Green Day – March 16

        Buck Wilder’s Presentation – March 19 at 10:00

        Girl Scout Mtg. – March 19

        Young Author’s Night – March 22

        Onekama Public Library field trip – March 22

        Outdoor Day – March 23

        Parent-Teacher Conferences at 6-9 pm – March 29

        Spring Break – April 2-9

        Good Behavior Field Day – May 30

March 8, 2007