Ms. Ruth introduced us to her Newfoundland therapy dog, Molly, when we visited the Onekama Public Library.
We had a special visitor at the Onekama Public Library named Ms. Ruth.  She introduced us to her Newfoundland dog, Molly.  Ms. Ruth discussed the history of the "Newf." Born as a canine seaman, the Newf was a standard piece of equipment on every fishing boat in Canada's maritime province that gave the breed its name. Fishing has always been Newfoundland's chief industry; the dogs hauled fishing nets out to sea and back to the boat and retrieved
objects or people who fell into the sea. A Newfoundland named Seaman accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition, and Nana, the children's "nurse" in the original Peter Pan, was a Newfoundland.

Molly is a ten year old Newfoundland dog trained to be a therapy dog. Therapy dogs are used in the treatment of those that could benefit from the emotional uplift that only a dog can give. Often therapy dogs are the only way into the world of a sick or otherwise challenged child or
adult. Dogs seem to have a special power over us.  As you can imagine, a therapy dog must be very gentle, and quite well behaved. Dogs that qualify can be trained as therapy dogs, and when they are certified as such, go on to enrich the lives of those in need in ways we can only imagine.  Next year Ms. Jane and myself will arrange for Ms. Ruth and Molly to come to our school to visit with students.  Students will have the opportunity to read to Molly.
~Shantel Niederstadt

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